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“Be part of something
you’re proud of.”

Yes, there are a lot of guys out there that teach you to be womanizers.

If you want success? Simple. Just be an asshole. Right?

We’re not about that.

See, we believe you can get insane dating results without being weird. That you can have an excited dating life with beautiful women who you actually connect with.

Something that you can be proud of.

Sound too good to be true? There's good reasons for that.

See, like you, I was over the men's dating industry. 

  • Maybe you're frustrated that there’s nothing out there that gives you real results.
  • You’ve tried other men’s lifestyle, dating, or “pick-up” products in the past and feel like you're "not you."
  • You don’t have Thousands of Dollars to invest in every program that comes along promising you confidence and results.
  • You feel stuck on a plateau and can’t get the results in your career, personal image, business, or dating life you need.
  • You feel overwhelmed in social situations and give up before you begin because you’re “just a shy person.”
  • Or worst yet, you feel like you're not attractive, smart, or "confident" enough to succeed.

We get it.

We’ve helped guys from all over the world that feel this exact same way.

Because we did too.

You’re busy with life and don't have time to focus on achieving a fulfilling dating life.

To make matters worse, real change seems impossible.

What if we told you we can show you how, step by step, to be a man that other guys look up to?

You're ready.

  • You’re ready to invest in yourself now.
  • You’re ready to not accept the status quo that only guys who take advantage of women can have fulfilling and wild sex lives.
  • You’re ready to be a man that both men and women respect.
  • You’re ready to grow with a tribe of like minded guys who are working to improve too.
  • You’re ready to take your dating life, career, and personal brand to the next level.
  • You’re ready for all of this without feeling like you’re someone you’re not.

"Don't turn into who you're not.
Be the best you can be."

There’s a whole lot of fish in the sea, so how do you catch the best one?

It doesn’t come from cheap gimmicks, copy-pasted lines, and complexity.

The problem is - the guys who have success teach just that.

Because teaching integrity, minimalism, and core confidence isn’t easy. Making a “Top 10 pickup lines” PDF is.

Here at Zirby you will take the hard road. This is the journey that builds character. This is the journey that “teaches you how to fish.” But you won’t be alone.

We’ll guide you step by step to become the guy you know you can be. But, there are no shortcuts.

If you’re looking for an overnight program that will get you in bed with models in less than a week, move on. It doesn't exist here and - spoiler - it doesn't exist anywhere.

But if you want to be the guy who always seems to know exactly what to say, who has a fulfilling life where he makes his own choices, is surrounded by friends and women, and is not ashamed of how he learned his newfound skills - then Zirby Wing is for you.

Here’s what you’re getting inside…

Join The Zirby Tribe | Zirby
Exclusive Webinars | Zirby
Get Help 1-on-1 Via Text | Zirby

Join the Zirby Tribe

Studies show that you grow more with a team. You’ll join the conversation with every other Zirby subscriber -- all on your phone.

You’ll connect with other men leading a bolder life, get unique perspectives, meet new friends, and accomplish more. Together.

Exclusive Webinars

Once a month we put together a massive Workshop on a Men’s lifestyle topic followed by a live Q&A with real experts. 10X your Tinder Matches, Storytelling Mastery and The Ultimate First date, to just name a few… Plus access to the archives.

Get Help 1 on 1… via Text

Text our certified expert coaches to help you solve one issue you’re struggling with, once per week.. 

We’re your personal wingman, online dating guru, life expert, confidant, fitness coach, career counselor, and everything in between. Just message us when you need us most.
Premium Subscribers Only.

Double Trouble | Zirby

weekly Video

It's no secret that our Text guides are one of our most popular features. Once a week we’ll break down our real text, Tinder, OKCupid, and more so you can see our thought process and apply the take aways to your own conversations.

30 Day Challenges | Zirby

30 Day Challenges

Lynda courses? Give me a break. Master dating, your career, good habits, eating healthy and more.

Available for purchase.

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 25,000 Questions Asked.

And 25,000 issues solved. Each one 100% custom. We don’t believe in canned responses.
As for the quality of advice, don’t take our word for it…


"Zirby is seriously one of the best things I've ever paid for, the value for money is honestly a steal. The messages you can send, the guides for texting/dates and fashion, plus the 30 day challenges. One of their date ideas I still use for EVERY first date I go on with great success."
- Arafat H.

Testimonial 1 | Zirby

"Thanks to you guys for showing me that I matter and I can do anything I put my mind to. You made it stick with me and I tell myself that everyday. It's because of Zirby where you get to know your customers and help them one on one. It's like a big brother, mentor, a dad you never had."
- David N.

Testimonial 2 | Zirby

"I wanted to give a shoutout to the guys at Zirby for continuing to deliver such solid advice! I’ve been a member for about 4 months (since their Beta) and have been pretty stocked with my decision to sign up. They are doing some pretty incredible stuff!"
- Simon W.

Testimonial 3 | Zirby

"How do you come up with that? That is smooth as fuck. I am so gonna use that. You're brilliant."
- Richard S.

"I just wanted to say thanks a lot for all your help. You guys truly are awesome in what you do by helping people."
- Kyle T.

"My number of tinder matches have definitely increased since the changes you've helped with, thanks!"
- Oscar H.

Testimonial 4 | Zirby
Testimonial 5 | Zirby
Testimonial 6 | Zirby

Have a question that can’t wait?

“How do I start?”

Sign up. After you do, you’ll immediately get a message from us telling you everything you need to know. You’ll also get an Email to get into our Content Library and 24/7 Zirby Tribute Group chat. If you joined Premium, you’ll also get a number to text us.

“What makes you experts?”

Zirby Wing was started by two ex-Simple Pickup staff members. Simple Pickup is known for being one of the world’s largest men’s lifestyle brands with over 2.7 million YouTube subscribers. Project Go, Simple Pickup’s digital product, has been tested with over 50,000+ paying customers, in 34 industries, for over 4+ years. Quite simply, we know our shit.

“Wait, this isn’t a ‘pick-up’ product, is it?”

Far from it. We believe in being the best version of yourself, having unshakable integrity, and treating all people well.

That does not, however, mean that you can't have a fulfilling dating life.

We don’t give “pick up lines”, and we don’t endorse the idea of “seducing” the opposite sex with tricks. Our dating content is made by experts (both men and women) who respect women and teach the principals - not copy pasted lines.

“What if I hate Zirby?”

Tell us. We’ll make it right. No bullshit. Want to cancel Zirby? No problem. There are no contracts here, cancel any time for any reason.

“Alright, I’m convinced, but I’m not sure this is the right time.”

Reality check. There will never be a ‘right time’. Life is constantly changing. So will your circumstances. The crazy thing about “starting tomorrow” is that it will never happen.

Start now, and make changes.

“I’ve got one more question for you that’s not answered here.”

Hit us up at

- FAQ for Premium Members only -

“If I send you a question, you’ll just send me back a one-sentence line back, right?”

Wrong. We don’t answer questions. We solve issues. Big difference. That’s the reason we ask questions and dig deeper - so we can really understand what’s up and solve it in a surgical way. Sometimes that will just be one line. But more often than not - it takes a conversation.

“What if I’m not in the United States?”

Not in the US? Not a problem. In fact, most of users are worldwide. For our international users, you can message us through Facebook messenger, and soon, Whatsapp, Wechat and more…

“What kind of issues do you solve?”

Guys have used us to improve their dating profile, sent us screenshots of their Tinder or Texting conversation for advice on EXACTLY what to say or do next, had us help find their career goal and improve their style, got help while out approaching live, opened up to us about a hard break-up, and even repair a failing marriage.

“What are your hours?”

We're around for you 9am to 9pm EST for you. If you message us during the night we'll get back to your first thing in the morning.

WE ARE THE BEST ADVICE OUT THERE...  And we stand by that. So here’s the deal: cancel whenever you want, no bullshit. No sales garbage. And if you hate our advice? Let us know and we’ll do our best to make it right. | Zirby

We are the best advice
out there...

And we stand by that. So here’s the deal: cancel whenever you want, no bullshit. No sales garbage. And if you hate our advice? Let us know and we’ll do our best to make it right.

Get Started Now!

Zirby Wing is CLOSED for new enrollment. But you can get on the waitlist to see it first when it's opened.