Your Tinder Breakdown

Your Tinder Breakdown.

Follow our step-by-step breakdowns
to see how we get her number.

Why Your Tinder Convo Fails

Sometimes Tinder Conversations don't go your way.

The girl challenges you, and you don’t follow through.

Do you feel like you’re running in to these problems?

  • You run out of things to say.

  • You don’t know how to make the conversation interesting.

  • She's not playing along?

  • Or you can’t get her to engage in conversation.

Here’s what you can do instead:

  • Stop thinking about the convo as a fast food meal.

  • Think of it more like a 5 course dinner.

Take your time.

Switch from the appetizer to the main course (stop bullshitting with small talk, and get real.)

And make sure to have a strong Tinder opener. (Here’s an article on that.)

This case study focuses on a girl that I would consider extremely attractive.

Which means I’m going to push a bit harder to make sure we meet up in person.

We’ll see some attempts that failed and finally one that worked

The Breakdown

Tinder Conversation Brreakdown

What Happened on the Date

We met up at the first venue in separate cars.

And she met me at the table I had snagged.

I had already ordered a beer since I was early so she asked to taste it.

This shows that she’s comfortable.

She then ordered her own beer.

And we sat and continued conversations we had started during the week.

All including swearing, sustainable living, pet peeves, relationships.

We made a deal:

Be completely unfiltered (fearlessly authentic.)

And not hold back anything that might freak each other out.

It made for a fun chat.

I recommend you try this too.

We walked from there to another cocktail bar for a drink.

We then got a taxi to the initial venue that I had wanted to go to for another drink.

We ended up talking and kissing a bit.

During the conversation she interrupted me and said:

“You know you’re coming over later right?”

To which I replied - “Why wait?”

And proceeded to physically pick her up and carry her out of the venue.

Why this Works

This Tinder Hookup was made possible because of a strong Tinder convo.

Followed by a date where I didn’t censor myself.

And at a location that WORKS as a Tinder first date

You’ll be in a good position.

Where it takes little effort on your part to make things work.

This guide, and others on the Zirby blog will get you where you need to go.

The First Step

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though.

In order to even get her number you’re going to need to match with her first.

No matter what dating app you’re using, it’s going to be an uphill battle.

Tinder Statistic on Number of Matches

One study showed in just 4 hours…

  • A female Tinder Profile got 600 matches.

  • While a male only got 100 matches.

But even you know that doesn’t seem right.

After-all, most guys will never get even close to 100 matches.

Meaning that study was a best-case using a model’s profile.

So how can you and I compete?

It comes down to utilizing time-tested, and split-tested strategies.

That’s why I made Tinder 10X.

It’s my Tinder profile making course built from the ground up.

  • Backed by data.

  • Backed by personal experience of hundreds of guys.

  • And backed by me.

Not to mention, backed by a guarantee.

If in 30 days you’re not getting double your current matches we’ll refund you in full./

You can learn more about Tinder 10X here.

And build a Tinder profile that will get you matches.

So you can put everything you learned here in to effect.

Marc Falzon Zirby

Marc Falzon

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