Just as promised.

Follow our step-by-step breakdowns
to see how we get her number.

- Conversation -

Sometimes conversations don't go your way, or aren't easy - and a lot of guys give up.

Either they run out of things to say, she's not playing along, or they just don't know how to get her to engage in conversation.

Instead of thinking of a conversation like fast food meal - think of it more like a 5 course dinner. Take your time, and every now and again, switch from the appetizer to the main course (stop bullshitting with small talk, and get real.)

This case study focuses on a girl that I would consider extremely attractive (and fit), which means I’m going to push a bit harder to make sure we meet up in person. We’ll see some attempts that failed and finally one that worked

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- Conclusion -

We met up at the first venue in separate cars, and she met me at the table I had snagged. I had already ordered a beer since I was early so she asked to taste it.

This shows that she’s comfortable.

She then ordered her own beer, and we sat and continued conversations we had started during the week - including swearing, sustainable living, pet peeves, relationships.

We made a deal to be completely unfiltered (fearlessly authentic) and not hold back anything that might freak each other out. It made for a fun chat. We walked from there to another cocktail bar for a drink.

We then got a taxi to the initial venue that I had wanted to go to for another drink and ended up talking and kissing a bit. During the conversation she interrupted me and said “You know you’re coming over later right?” To which I replied - “Why wait?” and proceeded to physically pick her up and carry her out of the venue.

We got a taxi back to her place and I asked for the ‘grand tour’ which consisted of me walking directly into her bedroom and pulling her onto the bed. A few hours later I headed home, and stopped to get some cheeseburgers because I was hungry after all the ‘action’ in her bedroom.

Now it's your turn.

You saw how we got her number, and heard all about the date. What if you had access a library of successful Tinder conversations by experts?

What kind of results do you think you'd get if you could text in and get those experts to help you figure out exactly what to say next?

What if you had a step by step course laid out by Online Dating experts that gave you the all the foundational skills you need to be just as good as them?

Sound too good to be true? Read on.


Yeah. You heard that right.

Not only did I suck at Tinder, but I sucked at Dating

I'd swipe right on every girl... just like the online guides told me to.

I'd search online for the "best" pickup lines and opening lines... just like the guides told me to.

I'd copy and paste messages to every girl I could find... just like the guides told me to.

And worst of all?

I actually paid for those guides.

So why wasn't I getting any results?

Sure, I'd get a date every few weeks - but I wanted to have a fulfilling dating life.

And not only wasn't I getting any results, I felt weird. I felt like I wasn't myself. But that's just how it is right? You've got to be attractive, learn weird dating lingo, or just get lucky, right? Wrong.

Too bad back then I didn't know that.

So, i gave up.

I realized that I was done with trying to get better results on Tinder.  

Frankly, I was over feeling like I was selling my soul to be someone I was not just to get a few more dates lined up.

Then, I found a YouTube channel of a couple of guys who seemed completely normal. They were getting huge results with approaching women. 

They did it without weird lines, or being creepy. They even looked like regular guys - maybe even below average! What was their secret?

Fast forward, a year later I showed up in LA after a red-eye to start working for them full time. I also met my future Co-founder of Zirby there.

A New Realization

Suddenly, I was surrounded by a team of people who were ambitious, intelligent and committed to their crafts. They were normal, hardworking people.

My first night at my job I stayed at my future Co-founders house. We didn't have time to grab a beer because he had booked a date with smart blonde that he met that day on Tinder.

"Wow," I thought.

When we did grab a beer, I asked him the details.

So he showed me his phone, and I couldn't believe it.

Here was a bone-thin Indian guy with a Tinder full to the brim with thousands of matches and an un-ending stream of conversations.

But it's not until I opened one of the conversation did I see that I had been utterly and completely wrong, all along.

The "Magic Bullet"

My eyes darted from line to line. I scrolled up and then back down. Something was wrong.

How could I have been so misguided from the start?

I closed the conversations and opened the next one. 

He was using no lines. Everything was specific to the new girl he was talking to.

He didn't talk on forever. He was setting up dates only after a few messages!

He was being 100% himself. He was talking about the things that actually interested him.

Not only that, be he was "breaking" almost every single "rule" that you hear about with Tinder.

And here's the kicker...

He wasn't compromising his integrity.

Getting Real Good, Real Fast.

  • Needless to say, I started taking what I learned from him and implementing it piece by piece. 

Not the "lines." Not his bio.

I was implementing the underlying structure, and allowing myself to be me.

The secret of getting real good, real fast is very, very simple.

It's reference experience.

And needless to say, I started getting good.

Before I was getting one date every few weeks, and not feeling that great about "who I was" in the conversation.

  • Now I could have a date lined up every night of the week if I wanted.
  • I could travel to a new city and before I arrived have plans for the entire weekend.
  • I could finally meet the higher quality women online that I wanted to.

Through my Co-founder, I could get his thoughts, opinions, and see his actual uncut text conversations.  

If I got stuck, I could show him my conversations and he'd give me some pointers (but he'd never just "give me the line".

Before long, we were teaching each other.

I developed my own style, but it was still good to bounce ideas off each other.

And we realized that so many guys out there were living a subpar dating life because they didn't know what we knew.

Just like I was.

They were guys who...

  • Were in a dead end relationship, but stayed anyway, because they thought they could do better.
  • Wanted to date casually but didn't want to sacrifice their integrity to do so.
  • Had the goal to date an intelligent, caring, beautiful woman.
  • Just wanted to have more confidence in their day to day life.

Whatever their motivation, they were following the same weird cookie cutter advice out there... and often times paying thousands of dollars for it. 


Yes, You can have it all.

So, we made Tinder Wing, and hired an entire team of coaches who were living outstanding dating lives, and were also upstanding people.

We know you deserve to live a fulfilling dating life. 

We know that it doesn't matter if you're...

  • Overweight. (So are we!)
  • Older and have been out of the game for awhile. (Ditto.)
  • Indian and lanky as hell. (Did you read the story above?)
  • Short. (Check.)
  • "Ugly". (Pfft. Get real.)
  • A complete beginner. (Check again.)
  • Demand a high level of ethics and dislike "the pickup arts." (Welcome to the club.)

We've developed a step by step program that gives you what no one else does - actual reference experience.

You'll be able to have it all. Results, and your integrity.

Weekly breakdowns... in video form.

Like we said, reference experience is king.

Every week, you'll get a new video from our team of expert coaches, just like this video.

  • Full uncut Tinder / Texting / OkCupid / More converastions, completely analyzed.
  • First date ideas (that don't suck.)
  • Learn to approach women naturally.

Master the Basics.

zirby wing fundamentals course - learn exactly how to get more online dating tinder texting rules and how to approach without being a pickup artist

As soon as you come in to Tinder Wing, you'll get access to our fundamentals course. Over just two weeks you'll go from 0 to 100.

This will tell you everything you need to know about Texting, Online Dating, and approaching women - even if you've never done it before.

Our fundamentals course is broken into two courses...

Approaching Fundamentals

Learn how to approach women during the day you're attracted to completely naturally, even if the though alone gives you anxiety...

Online & Texting Fundamentals

Best Profile photos? When to ask for her number? Keeping the conversation interesting over text? Done, done, and done.

In Depth Workshops & Live Q&As.

10x your tinder matches - learn how to get more tinder matches by having the perfect online dating profile photo

Watching videos isn't enough. That's why we do workshops.

At each workshop we dive deep into topics that are submitted by... you!

And that the end we have a live Q&A with our team of expert coaches where we do our best to answer every question.

We've covered:

  • 10X your Tinder Matches
    Every wonder what's the perfect Tinder or Online Dating profile? We covered it here.
  •  Storytelling Mastery
    Forwarding your career, keeping her interested in your first date, or having incredible text conversations. Your ability to be a great storyteller is what will determine your success. 
  • The Top 5.5 Mistakes Guys Make on Tinder
    Most likely, you're making 4 to 5 of these mistakes... because they aren't intuitive. This is a good one.

So, what's our next Workshop? Just let us know. Oh, and yes, as a Tinder Wing member, you'll have access to the Workshop Archive.

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