One Simple Way to NEVER be Flaked on Again.

Alright, guys - in the email, I promised you a way to never be flaked on again. 

Watch the clip from one of our live webinars below, where we were asked by a Zirby subscriber how we handle flakes:

There you have it. It’s SO incredibly simple - but it works. 

From now on, you’ll be the one who’s the leader. You’ll be the one who cancels. You’ll be 100% authentic - not playing games.

That’s attractive to girls. Which is why it will change her mind.

In the case of a potential business affiliate, or even a friend who is being “wishy-washy,” you’ll find that they’ll give you a solid answer on the spot. Often times in your “favor.”

And if they say no? Perfect. You don’t have to waste time or worry about it. You know where you stand. You won’t be flaked on again. 

As long as you’re friendly and warm about it - you’re golden.
(Which is why you want to say, “You know what, let’s just cancel tonight and get together another time,” instead of “You’re being flakey, forget tonight.” Never have an attitude!)

Now it's your turn.

At Tinder Wingman, we do webinars like this all the time. You’ll be able to ask questions at live webinars. You can message us for on the spot help from experts in all things online dating.

You’ll have a team of experts, in your phone, ready to go. 

And best of all, you won’t be flaked on.