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What Makes Zirby an Authority?

From Zero Matches…

I didn’t start out that way.

When I first tried online dating I was a complete failure.

  • Suffering from severe depression.

  • Morbidly obese (260lbs. at my heaviest.)

  • Starting to bald at just 23.

  • And only 5’6…

Needless to say, I felt horrible and looked even worse.

But long story short, things started changing for me.

I met incredible friends who taught me their real Tinder strategies.

If it wasn’t for them — Sean, Amit, Kong & Jesse from Simple Pickup (2.7M subs on YouTube.)

I would still be stuck, wishing I could meet hot women online.

To More than I can Reply to…

The reality is, my entire life changed because they took their phones out, and let me read through their Tinder convos.

And — over a period of years — I internalized everything.

With Zirby, I take the same approach they did.

No theory here.

  • I show you my real conversations.

  • I’ll give you all my real strategies.

  • I’ll give you the same life changing experiences my friends gave me.

Now Zirby is viewed over 500,000 times a month.

We’ve grown to be the world’s largest Tinder and Online Dating resource.

Because our advice works.

And more importantly…

It works fast.

We’re not an authority on Tinder.

We are the authority on Tinder.

Do You Suck at Tinder?

If you’re finding Online Dating frustrating or hopeless, you’re not alone.

As a man, odds are stacked against you. Seriously against you.

On Tinder in California, men outnumber (already picky) women 10 to 1.

You already experience…

  • The frustration from having a bad profile that doesn’t get matches.

  • Dealing with annoying blank profiles that women love to have.

  • Never getting responses to your opening line.

  • Feeling like your race, height, or hairline holds you back.

  • And frankly, just no results at all.

Why some Men Have it Easy

So why is it that a small % of guys do so well?

They always have a date lined up, and women are excited to pass them their digits?

The worst part is these guys don’t even seem special...

They’ve “cracked the code.” And it’s not just a metaphor.

A data scientist at Hinge discovered that the top 10% of men on the platform got 58% of all matches.

And if you want to succeed too, you need to be in that top 10%.

Getting in that Top 10%

Since Zirby was founded in 2014, we’ve helped thousands of guys get better results with Online Dating.

We’ve found how to get in that coveted 10%.

You don’t need to buy our products to learn it, either.

You can become an expert on Online Dating just by reading our blog.

But we want to make things as easy as possible.

So we’ve created 3 products that will get your the results deadly fast.

That’s why if you don’t get the promised results in 14 days…

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