What to do When She Texts "I won't Sleep With you." (+Screenshots)

Tell me you haven't been in a situation where you're setting up the first date and she texts you out of the blue with "I won't sleep with you." It seems awkward to say - and your response to it is even more awkward. Either you agree and box yourself into a hole, or your try to play it "too cool" and "fail" her test. Here's how our Zirby coach Thijs handles this curveball. 

What to do When She Texts "I won't Sleep With you." (+Screenshots)

On this episode of Thijs' Tips...

This is how to handle the “I will not sleep with you” issue on a first date when she’s coming over to your place. You'll notice when this starts it'd put her at ease but still keep the sexual intent going by the end.

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That's the key, you want to be honest and keep the momentum going without fizzling things out by not letting her know you're empathetic to the pressure that's on her for a first date - especially one where you're meeting up.

One note, my bio includes a line that says: Triple gold medal in the ETWC (European Tongue Wrestling Championships) 🏅. That'll come into play in the conversation.

The Text Conversation Screenshots

Take a look at my conversation with Teja. We had planned to meet up at my place. While this is obviously great news, it can also lead her to feel a bit uncomfortable. 

If she feels pressured into sex - even if that's most likely what will happen anyway - she's not going to want to come over. Why? Because some guys are absolutely nuts. They would actually get mad at her for showing up and "changing her mind" about sleeping with them. 

To avoid any of this awkwardness she puts up a condition which she calls "I won't sleep with you," and I call "making sure you're not a psychopath." 

Text Conversation with a Girl
Girl is resistant to come over via text.
How to Change her Mind over Text

Problem Solved.

And, there you have it. Not only is there no awkwardness, but now she's even MORE excited to come over than she was before.

The beauty of being chill about the whole thing is when "curveballs" are thrown at you, you end up in a better position before. 

You also learn that these aren't curveballs, to begin with. It's just about being a good dude and being completely upfront about your intentions.

After your first date, you'll need to set up for the second. We have a handy guide with more real screenshots of our text conversation on ho we do this.

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