19 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Her (That Don't Suck)

19 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Her (That Don't Suck)

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, everyone is working to find the perfect gift.

You want to tell her you love her with something sweet, sexy, and fun.

Here are a few great Valentines Day ideas for her to get you started. 

Basically, I wrote this article to help you find gifts that don’t suck.

Because I’ve been in that situation too many times.

Plus, all of these gifts are budget friendly.

And most can be found on Amazon with quick shipping.

Here are the 19 I thought were the best.

1 - Travel-Friendly Mini Make-Up Kit

Pocket Palette

I know absolutely nothing about make up.

But I do packing for short getaway trips is a pain.

This make-up kit is the size of a post-it note.

… And it’s totally affordable.

The Pocket Palette is my favorite item on the list.

Hence why it’s #1.

Get the Pocket Palette here.

2 - Glamping Weekend Trip

Glamping Gift for Your Girlfriend

You’ve probably heard the term “Glamping” before.

It’s camping, and living the good life at the same time.

The kind of camping that doesn’t have mosquitoes, bears, or pooping in buckets.

If you'r girlfriend is adventurous, but still likes AC…

Then a booking a weekend Glamping getaway is a good idea.

Check out Glamping Hub here.

3 - Edibles Cookbook

Edible Cookbook Gift

Laws are changing, and fast.

But one thing that doesn’t change is women love men who cook.

The edibles cookbook is a gift for a couple that wants to try new things.

And pig out on some desserts.

Get a copy here.

4 - Screwball Peanut Butter Whiskey

Screwball Peanut Butter Whiskey

Peanut butter can be polarizing.

But if your girlfriend loves it, then this whiskey is a great sell.

Not only will you impress her with your cocktail making skills…

But it’s only natural where things will lead in the bedroom after sharing a Salted Pretzel Caramel cocktail.

Interestingly enough, this whiskey is made by a Husband and Wife duo.

Get a bottle delivered, here.

5 - The Last Minute Standby

Valrhona Chocolate Gift

Chocolates are a Valentine’s Day staple for a reason.

They are delicious and easy to eat, and – did you know? – chocolate is the only naturally food that actually melts in your mouth.

If you need a last minute gift, and aren’t feeling too creative…

Well, then, problem solved.

Get it here.

6 - “Build Your Own” Valentines Day Flowers

Valentine’s Day Flowers for Your Girlfriend

It’s Valentines Day.

So of course we needed to include flowers.

But these flowers are from “It’s By U”… which does things a bit differently.

Rather than send you a bouquet, they instead send you a kit to make it yourself.

If your girlfriend is in to the DYI stuff, this is the right choice.

The Ikea of Flowers. Get a kit here.

7 - Cute Underwear for Your Girlfriend

Cute Underwear for Your Girlfriend

When you buy cute underwear for your girlfriend, it’s for you as much as it for her.

But in this case, it’s for… basically everyone else too.

Marc Skid (yes, that’s the real name) donates to charity with every purchase.

Plus, the name. Love it.

Get a pair here, skid free.

8 - Cute Panties for Your Girlfriend… Again.

Sexy Valentine's Day Gift

Let’s keep the theme the same.

But here’s the twist.

With Panty Drop, every 3 months she’ll get a new present in the mail.

From you.

Sexy underwear which you’re both going to love.

The best part is, it’s a thoughtful gift that you don’t need to think about.

Who doesn’t love automation?

Check out Panty Drop here.

9 - Super Soft Nighty 

Super Soft Nighty

This gift is a two for one.

Not only does she get to enjoy a super soft and comfy nighty, but you get to enjoy how beautiful she looks in it. 

Best yet, it’s budget friendly.

Get it here.

10 - Date Night at Home 

Valentine Day Gift for Her Idea

Date boxes are a new trendy way to have a stay-at-home date night minus all the planning.

Available as single boxes or a multi-month subscription, this thoughtful gift is a fun, low-key option.

Get it here. 

11 - Valentine’s Gift for a Nerdy Girl

Nerdy Valentine's Gift

When trying to find creative Valentines Day ideas for her, don’t be scared to look beyond our solar system.

A star is a romantic gift that will find you cozied up under a blanket trying to find which star is hers. 

Perfect for a nerdy girlfriend.

Name Your Star Here.

12 - For the Wine Lover.

Wine Lover Gift

There are few things in life sexier than a perfect bottle of wine.

But choosing one can be difficult.

Luckily we’ve done the legwork for you.

Chappellet is a solid bottle from Napa valley, that anyone would appreciate.

Get a bottle here.

13 - French Macarons Gift Box

French Macarons Gift Box

Light and delicate macarons are a perfect way to move away from dense desserts.

No one can resist these airy and delicious sweet treats. 

Unless there’s a French bakery around you, you’re probably not going to get this romantic gift for your girlfriend.

Get your Macarons here.

14 - The World’s Softest Blanket

World's Softest Blanket

A super soft blanket is a great way to snuggle up with your sweetheart.

This gift idea blanket is available in many sizes.

So it is up to you just how close you two will have to get. 

Get it here.

15 - Fruit Jewelry

IThoughtOfYou Valentines Gift

For something different this Valentine's Day…

How about jewelry made from orange peels, açaí berries, coffee beans, and nuts.

This is something I’ve never seen before.

And don’t worry.

It won’t spoil.

Get it Here.

16 - Bath bombs 

Bath Bomb Gift for Women

Every woman feels sexy soaking in a warm, delicious smelling bath.

So, bath bombs.

You might think little of these.

But trust me man, women love these things for some reason.

Get a pack of 12 here.

17 - Massage Candle

Massage Candle for Girlfriend

If you’ve been looking for an excuse to pour hot wax all over your girlfriend this Valentines Day…

Well, here you go.

Turn the lights down, light it up, and pour it all over her.

Grab a few ‘em here.

18 - Something You Don’t Hear Everyday…

Unique Vday Gift

This is a cool one.

Personalized, and very romantic.

Basically, they transcribe any audio clip on to a wooden board.

It can be a song you guys share.

The ambient noise of the location you guys first met.

Or my personal favorite: a secretly recorded clip of her Mom scolding her again.

Check it here.

19 - The Wine Folly Book

Gift for Wine Lovers

If you’re not familiar with Wine Folly, here’s the deal:

They teach you how to understand and appreciate wine.

It a completely visual way.

If your girlfriend has always wanted to get in to wine…

But feels it’s way too overwhelming this is the perfect gift.

Their instagram account is pretty awesome too.

Get the book here.

Have a Better Idea?

There are probably some awesome gift ideas I forgot about.

So if you know one, post it in the comments below.

If it’s good, I’ll even add it to the list.

Along with a link to your Instagram handle.

(So be sure to include that in you post.)

One final note, this is not a sponsored post.

Nor was I compensated for any products mentioned.

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