How to Use Tinder while Traveling (+With REAL Screenshots)

There's nothing better than traveling, firing up your Tinder, and having a date set up before you even get in to town. Easier said then done? Not if you have the right strategy. We'll be reviewing a REAL example Tinder conversation of how you can use Tinder while traveling to hookup, even if you're only visiting for a few days.

How to Use Tinder while Traveling (+With REAL Screenshots) | Tips for Tinder | Zirby

Watch the Video Breakdown

To make things really hit home, I decided to share one of my real Tinder conversation from the recent trip I made out West.

Rather than just tell you what I did, I'll be showing you by breaking the conversation into little bite-size pieces and showing you the screenshots of my real Tinder convo.

What I like about this example is: things don't go perfectly - far from it. Often times, things are really smooth but you won't learn as much if I don't show you a more challenging example like here.

Using Tinder While on Vacation.

Before we dive in, some background on my overall strategy:

  • I start swiping in the new city before I get there.

  • Give yourself three or four days. Any longer and the conversation will grow stale before you arrive.

  • If you're late and start swiping when you get there, no worries.

The swiping ahead of time gets your matches by the time you get there, but you can make it work all the same even if you arrive without having swiped at all. In the case of "Jen" below, I messaged her for the first time when I first arrived in her city.

Your Opening Message

When I first matched with Jen, I didn't see a whole lot to go off of with my opening pictures. Her profile was more or less empty, and her profile photos were just boring selfies. No worries, we've covered the topic of dealing with girls with empty bios before.

Using that, I noticed one of her sweatshirts had a CABELA logo on it that vaguely looked like a Supreme logo. Very simple, but that's all it takes to get her attention.

Opening Message on a Tinder conversation | Tips for Tinder | Zirby

Right off the bat, I can tell things are going well.

How? Because our message lengths are equal -- actually -- she's investing a little more than me. Knowing this, I give myself "permission" to send a longer message. 

What you don't want to do is the opposite: sending longer messages with her sending short, or even worse, one-word responses. The general rule of thumb is to keep things equal.

We wrote an article about texting women that talks about this topic, which you should read here.

Deciding if it's Time to Ask Her Out.

At this point, I want to test the waters and see if we can get together -- now. I do this by "dropping hints" that I'm out already.

I can judge her reaction to inviting her out to join me if it's positive. If the response is only lukewarm (or worse), I'll just carry on the conversation and ask her out later. Here's what happened:

Feeling out if it's a good idea to ask her out. | Tips for Tinder | Zirby

Well, looks like it didn't go perfectly. After she said the bar I was at is "pretty bad" I decide it's best not to rush to ask her out to it. Instead, I'll just move the conversation forward a bit before changing my strategy up.

Also, it's worth noting: the reason I decided to "test the waters" in asking her out after only 4 messages is because she was engaged - as in, she was sending longer messages.

The more engaged she is, the more opportunity to have to just go ahead and ask her out. A girl sending longer messages than you are just one sign that she's engaged!

Continuing the Conversation.

Anyway, let's move forward through this uncut Tinder breakdown. I decide to chit chat a bit more before testing the waters again. If I were to just jump to ask her out to a different date location, it could have come off as desperate.

Continuing the conversation forward | Tips for Tinder | Zirby

See how easy that was? A little back and forth, then I ask what she's up to tomorrow. It's just a very natural and easy way to lead conversation to the date. Stress-free Tinder - or whatever online dating platform you're using. Let's see where this goes.

Asking a Girl out over Tinder | Tips for Tinder | Zirby

When Things Don't Go Right.

Well, that didn't go well. I had hoped that she would be free the next day - but she was totally booked. If you're wondering if what she said is true or not (maybe she was actually free) here's the thing: it doesn't matter.

Assume that what she says is true, because either way, it doesn't really make a difference. Notice my strategy here, by the way, when she said she was busy: I jumped back into regular conversation and as you'll see I quickly invite her out again.

Basically, here's the strategy I'm using in a nutshell:

1. I read her engagement level.

  • Does she sound excited or interested in talking to you?

  • Is she sending longer responses?

  • Is asking you questions?

2. If so, invite her out casually, or find out if she's free.

  • Invite her somewhere directly.

  • Ask if she's free coming up.

  • Tell her you're somewhere, and lightly suggest her to join.

3. If she can't join or isn't free, drop the subject then return to it.

  • Don't rapid fire ask her out.

  • Fill the gap with some conversation. It shows her you're interested in her, and you're not desperate.

  • Buy DO return to asking her out again, otherwise, why be on Tinder?

Asking For Her Number

At this point, it's getting late, and I don't want to try to make plans a third time. When this happens, you can just... break the conversation and pick it up the next day. 

The important thing is when you pick it back up, it do or die. Especially after 3 attempts.

I figured the best way to move forward was to get her number and talk over text - which is usually way easier than Tinder (because you can send her pictures of cool stuff in your life and get her excited.)

Screenshot of a Tinder Conversation where I Got Her Number | Tips for Tinder | Zirby

From here, you've gotten her number which is the first step - but an important first step - especially if you're finding it difficult to get numbers from Tinder. The good news is once you've got her number, texting is usually very simple and straightforward.

Hopefully you found this guide helpful. And most importantly, if you liked this we have a full (and free) Tinder PDF breakdown for you to check out. Give it a click. And if you're looking for more Tinder tips for guys, see our Tinder related posts here. Happy Tindering.

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