The Ultimate Guide for Making A Successful Tinder Profile

The Ultimate Guide for Making A Successful Tinder Profile

If you want to make an online dating profile that gets matches, look no further.

By the end of this article you'll see exactly what you need to have in place.

So your profiles isn't passed over like it's Egypt in 1582BC.

And that’s exactly why we call this the ultimate guide for making a successful Tinder profile.

You’re going to learn my actual techniques…

Which are easy to implement, by the way…

For developing a Tinder profile that gets women to message you first.

Whether you’re on Tinder for dating, or you’re hoping to have a hookup…

It all starts with one thing: getting more matches.

80% of men on Tinder are competing for the bottom 22% of female Tinder users.

Tinder Statistics are Against You

I know you’re hungry for the techniques.

But first, we need to cover what you’re up against.

It’s no secret that men have a much harder time with Tinder dating than women do.

But a quick look at the numbers behind this phenomenon is pretty staggering…

It’s much worse than you think.

On Tinder, the statistics heavily favor the woman.

A 2016 study published in Advances in Social Networks Analysis and Mining showed:

No Matches.
  • Women get nearly 20 times more matches than men do.

  • 59% percent of women estimate liking less than 10% of the profiles that they see.

  • Only 9% of men reported being that selective.

  • While 33% of men reported “casually liking most profiles,”

  • ZERO women reported doing the same. That’s worth saying again, WOMEN DO NOT CASUALLY SWIPE RIGHT.

  • 93% of women ONLY like profiles that they’re attracted to.

But it Gets Even Worse

A popular 2015 study published in Medium put this another way:

80% of men on Tinder are competing for the bottom 22% of female Tinder users.

I actually don’t love this study because it has an incredibly small sample size and relies on self-reporting.

I prefer this 2017 analysis by Aviv Goldgeier, a data scientist at Hinge, that showed that the top 10% of men get 58% of all matches.

So what does this mean?

It means that you need to put yourself in the top 10% of men.

Chances are if you’re reading this article you’re not in that coveted 10%.

Well, neither was I for most of my Tindering career.

That is until I broke the code and developed the easy to implement Tinder Profile techniques that you’re going to learn in this article.

Getting in the Top 10%

If you’re like me, you’re probably thinking:

  • I’m not attractive enough to be in the top 10%.

  • I’m overweight.

  • I have acne.

  • My hair is thinning.

You probably don’t look like Ryan Gosling.

… and you know what?

That’s okay.

It turns out that getting in to that top 10% isn’t about your genetics.

It’s all about your presentation.

So when asking that age old question about whether looks matter on Tinder…

Do Looks Matter on Tinder?

If you think the answer is “yes” you’d be right. But there is a major caveat.

The concept of “looks” actually includes two completely distinct categories.

  • Genetics.

  • Presentation.

Both of these affect how you ‘look’ but one plays a much more important role.

Genetics are what you’re born with.

Bone structure, skin condition, your height.

These are factors that are out of your control.

On Tinder, they act as a bonus, making everything a little easier.

On the other hand…

Presentation is a visual representation of your attitude, experience, personality, intelligence, and ambition.

When I write that out so clearly, does it sink in why that’d be much more important on Tinder?

Why Women use Tinder

Let’s look at this from the perspective of a woman.

So we can understand why women use Tinder in the first place.

Remember that women are surrounded by men that are interested in them.

And yet, she’s still unsatisfied.

She hasn’t found a guy that has the right mix of personality, ambition, intelligence and mystery yet. Sound familiar?

These are the same signals that are displayed in presentation.

Good genetics on the other hand are easy to find.

Don’t believe me?

Ask ANY girl you know about her experience at clubs.

Hot, attractive guys with good genetics.

Yet all have no personality, are dumb as a doorknob, and bore the hell out of her.

If you want success with women you can’t project what you want on them.

Getting a woman attracted is not done primarily through genetics.

That’s how women attract you.

So unless you’re trying to attract guys it’s time to drop that self-limiting belief.

Why Presentation Matters

Your genetics might be enough for a quick hookup in a club.

But you’re going to need more than that to get — and keep — the most high quality women.

How can you actually show your ambition, intelligence, experience and personality?

Especially in a photo?

The reality is: it’s easy.

The choices you make are reflected in your “looks.”

Here are some examples:

  • Being overweight is a choice. It reflects your lack of will power.

  • Being fit is a choice. It reflects your determination.

  • Wearing well fitting clothes is a choice. It reflects your social awareness.

Everything choice that you make in how you display yourself is a reflection of you.

This is not shallow.

This is presenting the qualities, choices, and experiences that make you who you are.

Getting in to that top 10% is simple.

Your photo needs to display the qualities women look for in a guy.

  • Confidence.

  • Humor/Intelligence.

  • Ambition.

  • Mysterious.

Male Tinder Profile Example

Okay so I want to show you two photos of me that were taken within a month.

Remember: both of them show the same genetics.

As far as I know my DNA is pretty consistent, and I don’t plan on visiting Chernobyl.

Do Looks Matter on Tinder?

These photos look pretty radically different.

As you can imagine, the one on the left gets way more matches.


Because it’s presenting the qualities women look for.

Comparing the left photo from the right photo…

  • I look more self assured… meaning more confident.

  • I look more thin, because of the angle of the camera… meaning more disciplined.

  • My hair and beard are more neat… meaning I’m more social aware.

  • The background is exciting and hard to place… making it more mysterious.

Here’s the big secret: it’s not about being in the top 10% most genetically attractive, it’s about having one of the top 10% best presented Tinder profiles.

I really want to stress this.

Looks matter.

But it’s about the presentation of the features you have.

And not so much about the features themselves.

The 3 Hidden Techniques of Building Your Online Dating Profile

Up until this point we have a good idea of what we’re up against.

But we also know that by playing our cards right and getting in to that top 10% life becomes easy.

I want to share with you my 3 hidden techniques for building your Online Dating profile.

After I do, we’ll actually be looking at examples of profile photos, bios, and more.

But first you need to learn these techniques and concepts.

These methods come from years of trial and error.

They are:

  1. The “Hop the Fence” Principal.

  2. Provoking the Storyteller Method.

  3. And the 4th Wall Breaker Technique.

Let’s dive in to these with examples…

The “Hop the Fence” Principal

Close your eyes.

It’s summer.

You’re in your back yard, your friends are over, and the grille is going.

(Impossible burgers, of course.)

Music is playing, and you even have a pool to cool off in.

Pretty nice, right?

Meanwhile, your neighbor a few houses down has a similar set up.

You really don’t hang out with your neighbor, but he seems fine.

Now, let me ask you a question:

Under what circumstances would you abandon all your friends and hop the fence to join his BBQ?

If you and him already have the same set up, why would you leave the comfort of your own house to join his party?

It’d have to be something big:

  • Maybe a ton of people showed up, and their party looks way more fun.

  • Maybe it turns out he’s a stand up comedian and his jokes are so funny you need to head over.

  • Or maybe everyone at his party is going to accompany him back to his boat for an afterparty.

Whatever it is, it’s got to be amazing, right?

Tinder Works the Same Way

Don’t be boring!

Look at the example below.

Good looking guy, decent quality photos.

Main points hit: head shot, passion shot, group shot.

But it’s so boring.

Boring Profile Screenshot Example

Tinder is no different.

When a girl looks at your profile, you need to convince her to “jump the fence” to come join you.

Her “yard” is already full of her close friends, family, and even some dudes she casual sleeps with.

(Awkward, right?)

So why would she leave the comfort of her own world to join yours?

The answer is you need to have something that she doesn’t have.

Something that is so compelling she will “jump ship” and come join you.

Here’s a hard won lesson I learned back in college…

If a woman is interested in you, she will do anything to hang out.

She will skip homework, ditch classes, take off work, and bail on her family if you’re worth while.

When a girl, or even a guy, looks at your profile they should say to themselves:

Wow, he looks awesome to hang out with.

I call this the “hop the fence” principal.

Let’s look at some real examples.

Photos that are Not Exciting

Starting off, let’s see examples of photos that you might think are good for your profile.

But in actually are not.

All of these come from the Zirby Facebook Group, Own Your Online Dating.

So you when I say people thought they were good images, I really meant it!

The below photo sounds good on paper:

“Picture me on a boat, while traveling around the world.”

But the execution…

Boring Online Dating Photo

Well, put simply the execution sucks.

When you look at this photo you are definitely not thinking:

“Wow! I WISH I could slam my laptop closed, leave my house and go hang out with him in that picture!”

If you were there with him in that picture you’d be bored, just like he probably was when it was taken.

If you want matches on Tinder, you can not be boring!

That’s what the “hop the fence” principal is about.

The image should look way more fun than what someone looking could be doing that day.

You want to bring them on a journey…

Not a tedious and long boat tour…

Makes sense, right? Let’s move on to another example.

This one is also “great on paper.”

Dude playing his guitar. Awesome!

Guy Playing Guitar on Tinder

Again this seems really cool in theory.

But seeing the picture? I’ll pass.

Remember, when a girl OR guy sees your image you want them to go hang out with you.

It needs to be that much fun that even a total stranger would want to be there in the photo.

Guy noodlin’ around in his bedroom is not going to do that. Want to see an example of it working?

Amazing Tinder Photos for Guys

We’ve seen examples of photos that don’t work…

Because they don’t make the viewer want to be there with them.

Let’s see some examples where they do.

Starting with a music themed photo.

Awesome Tinder Photo for Guys

This photo is from my friend Scott who is a master at Tinder.

Looking at this photo: I want to be there.

I want to be there WAY more than on some boring boat tour, or in some random strangers bedroom.

That’s the point!

The best Tinder Photos for guys are the ones that make you want to hop the fence from your world in to theirs.

Not only does this photo appear fun, but it also hits some other major checkmarks…

  • It’s a group shot, where you can easily tell who is the “star” - Scott.

  • It clearly demonstrates of his big passions.

  • It is mysterious.*

* By mysterious, I mean that someone looking at this photo is going to ask questions.

They are going to want to know what kind of music he plays, how often, and what it sounds like.

When he messages a girl he matches with he can send her his music.

There is so much content that comes from this one image.

Far more than just on a guitar in your own room.

Makes sense right?

Here’s another example.

Crazy Tinder Pictures

Compare THIS image to the lonely boat image from before.

  • It’s exciting.

  • It’s fun.

  • I REALLY want to be there with him.

  • And again, it’s mysterious.

It’s mysterious because it looks like he is the pilot.

So I’ve got to know more and message him to ask.

… Which is what the girl looking at his photo is probably going to say to herself.

See how powerful that is?

How to Get Images this Good.

Now I know what you’re thinking.

How can I get a photo of me piloting a helicopter?

After all, I’m not Tom Cruise. (T.C. If you’re reading this, you’re a little crazy but I like you.)

Here’s the thing, taking online dating pictures like this is not difficult.

I’ll come back to this later in the article.

I don’t want to get too side tracked before finishing the other 2 techniques:

  • Provoking the Storyteller Method.

  • And the 4th Wall Breaker Technique.

But if you want, you can jump ahead to my 3 Ways to Instantly Get Amazing Tinder Pictures.

Choosing Your Tinder Profile Picture

When a girl looks at your profile, she decides within a fraction of a second whether she’s going to swipe right or left on you, and she makes that decision almost exclusively on your profile picture.

Don’t get me wrong, your supplemental photos and your bio are important since she can preview your other photos before swiping right, but that doesn’t minimize the importance of the first.

After all, you’re communicating your values and how you view yourself by the choice of your first photo.  

We know this intuitively, and yet the overwhelming majority of guys use random pictures from Facebook or terrible bathroom selfies as their profile photos. 

What you DON'T want in your Profile Photo.

For starters, your profile photo should never be:

  • A selfie.

  • A poor quality photo (Bad lighting, taken with flash, or at night.)

  • A group photo (Save that for photo 2 or 3.)

  • A photo where your face is unclear (sunglasses = bad.)

  • A photo where you’re far away from the camera.

So what should your profile photo be?

We’ve got neuroscience to back us up on this. Last year scientists at ST&T Research hooked people up to eye trackers and brain scanners while they used Tinder and confirmed what we’re telling you- the brain doesn’t like to be confused, so the most attractive profile photo is:

  • A clean headshot, preferably showing the upper third of your body.

  • A high-quality photo, with a clear contrast between you and the background.

  • A photo of you alone.

  • A photo without distracting “noise” in the background.

  • A photo where your face is clearly shown (NO SUNGLASSES!)

Let's see some real examples...

Group Photo for a Tinder Profile
Don't wear sunglasses in your Tinder photo.
Man playing guitar for his Tinder profile.

Let's meet my friend Jeff. Or at least, that's the name I made up for him. Anyway... here are some photos that Jeff has actually used for his previous Tinder profile... without much luck (despite the fact that they are exciting photos!)

You get the idea-- each of these photos has personality, and a couple of them could even be great 3rd or 4th photos, but none of them should be a primary profile photo. They each suffer from one or multiple of the problems we’ve outlined above.

Meanwhile, here are 2 other photos of Jeff that fit better into our rules. 

A clear Tinder headshot with good lighting.
A tinder profile picture with natural and clean lighting.

These are clear, in focus, high-quality photos, that I guarantee will stand out in the sea of mediocrity that is 90% of men on Tinder. 

3 Ways to get Amazing Tinder Pictures

Through this profile guide you’ve seen a few amazing Tinder pictures.

All of this would be for nothing if I didn’t give you 3 easy ways to instantly get amazing Tinder pictures.

These are techniques that I actively use, and I suggest you steal them and use them for yourself.

The best part?

You can do this alone or with one friend and just a cellphone camera.

These hacks are broken down in to 3 categories:

  • The AirBNB Experience Hack.

  • Group-on Hijack Hack.

  • Steal from Your Competition Hack.

One quick thing before we start.

I wrote an article where I show my real Tinder profile.

(And get it reviewed be dating “experts” on Fiverr.)

The results were shocking to say the least.

As entertaining as it is, it’s packed with useful information. Read my Fiverr Tinder Review article here.

The Air BnB Experience Hack

Airbnb experience hack

This is my favorite method for men to get awesome online dating profile photos.

Use this method today.

The idea is simple:

On AirBnB, people hold difference “experiences” you can sign up for.

  • Everything from learning Kintsugi from a master ceramicist in Tokyo…

  • To learning the craft of Cocktail making from a seasoned expert at a Bar in NYC.

  • And much, much more.

Meanwhile, the host of these experience wants to photograph you for her page.

To encourage others to sign up for the experience too.

What this means is you get an awesome photo.

Of you doing something seriously cool…

Without even having to ask someone to take the photo!

Here are some examples of photos I found the hosts took of their guests.

Keep in mind that all these photos would work perfectly for a Tinder profile!

Funny Tinder Profile Photo

This picture works.

It comes right from an AirBnB experience.

Picture with Giant Bear? No context that creates Mystery?

Anyone who sees this picture is going to NEED to know the back story.

And when she messages you about it… you’re golden.

Adventurous Profile Photo

Here’s an adventurous photo that shows the manliest scene you could image.

Cooking sausages, over a wood fire, wearing a filson hat.

Sure, this image has less mystery than the above…

But it has emotional and sensory weight.

You can almost smell the char from here, you get hungry looking at the photo.

And as much as I love being in Starbucks writing this article…

I rather be on the campsite with that dude talking about foraging mushrooms.

Okay, one last tinder tip for your AirBnB hack…

(And I saved my favorite for last.)

The Best Tinder Picture

How cool is that?

A built motorcycle on the streets of LA, complete with Side car and everything.

This image is definitely polarizing…

Because there’s a girl in the photo, some women might be put off.

But having one picture in your profile that’s a little edgy is a usually a good idea.

Especially if you come across as “too nice” in your photos.

Again, this is not a hard shot to pull off.

It’s a motorcycle sidecar tour in LA.

You book it, you sit in the motorcycle, and the host snags the photo.

He keeps it for his AirBnB experience page.

You keep it for your tinder profile.

It’s a major win-win.

Again, if you only follow this hack in the entire comprehensive Tinder profile guide…

You’ll still come out on top.

This is the “hop the fence” concept in action.

Groupon Hijack Hack

Earlier I showed you an image of a dude in a helicopter.

As cool as AirBnB experiences are…

They tend to be more ”local” and less extravagant.

Meanwhile, Groupon is where you’re going to find the Airplane piloting lessons.


And Race-car racing.

Basically, more commercial experiences that can still work very well for your images.

Although in these cases you’ll need to ask them to take the photo of you.

Which, let’s face it, is not a big deal.

But here’s the thing: depending how how cool what you’re doing it…

A selfie might even work!

Take a look, here’s an example:

Good Selfies on Tinder Example

This is what I call a unicorn.

It’s a selfie on Tinder, that actually works.

By the way, if you haven’t read our guide on using selfies on Tinder, read it here.

And all it takes is a cell phone and a group-on lesson where you fly a plane.

So easy.

So effective.

Steal from Your Competition Hack

On Tinder there are always going to be guys that make better profiles than you.

  • They will have clever ideas for their pictures.

  • They will know how to post themselves in the photos to look natural.

  • Their bios will be solid.

  • And they will have VERY clever opening lines.

… so why not steal what they’re doing?

The method is extremely simple:

  1. Create a female Tinder Facebook/Tinder profile with pictures.

  2. Open Tinder and swipe right on guys with great profiles.

  3. Wait for them to message you.

By doing this you’ll amass a collection of great content.

OK let me show you an example, a guy named Rob.

This is a guy who totally NAILS his Tinder Profile… it’s as if he followed this guide.

Keep in mind that he is a shorter guide. (Genetic)

But his presentation is solid (works out, has a good haircut, good fashion.)

And most importantly…

  • He demonstrates his amazing sense of humor in his profile.

  • He takes risks in his profile by being polarizing. (See his profile photo…)

  • He shows he has lots of friends.

  • He shows he is fun to be around and doesn’t take himself too seriously.

All of this blends together to make an outstanding profile on Tinder.

Let’s check it out:

Steal Rob's Awesome Tinder Profile

Remember, Rob is your competition.

Your profile needs to be better than his, and it can be!

Let’s start with his profile photo.

Rob’s Profile Picture

Funny tinder profile

Remember Officer Dangle?

The cop who is always new boot goofin’?

If you don’t he is a character from a TV comedy, Reno 911.

Rob’s profile photo here is not your typical profile photo.

In fact, it breaks almost ALL the rules we set in this tinder profile guide:

  • Have a good quality photo.

  • Don’t wear sunglasses.

  • Don’t take the photo indoors.

  • Make sure it’s just a head shot.

If that’s the case, what does this work?

Well, because it’s hilarious and unexpected.

Most women swiping don’t come across this kind of image often - if ever.

It communicates: “Hey. I don’t take Tinder seriously. When we hang out it’s going to be a lot of fun, and no pressure.”

That is a powerful thing it communicate.

His picture is also risky.

For Women, using Tinder is so repetitive.

Rob is able to shake this up, big time.

And it works.

Rob’s Group Shots

You already know the power of a good group shot.

It shows your social.

Rob’s profile had 3 group shots.

They show that by hanging out with him you’re going to be laughing and having a great time.

I mean, look at that Santa picture.

So good and easy to make!

It’s very apparent from these photos that Rob is an active guy who lives a full life.

He is surrounded by friends, and they have a great time together.

Most women will want to join him.

He looks like a guy I’d want to go hang out with.

Rob’s Other Profile Pictures

Let’s take a look at the rest of his photos.

Looking at them you get a really great idea about what hanging out with Rob is like.

  • You get a sense of his personality.

  • His interests.

  • His personality.

And even what he’s looking for on Tinder (screening.)

Screening is when you set up obstacles to weed out the kind of women you don’t want in your life.

From Rob’s profile he is screening out girls…

  • With no sense of humor.

  • Who want a more serious relationship (because his photos are sexually charged.)

  • OR who are shy introverts.

There’s no right or wrong way to screen.

But the point is that the best Tinder profiles do the work for you.

So the right kind of woman matches with you.

And already knows what you’re looking for: whether it’s a girlfriend or just a hookup.

The Magic of this Profile.

The real magic of Rob’s profile is that it takes:

  • No time or money to create.

  • Most photos are taken with a cell phone.

  • And you can replicate almost everything you see here within a day or two.

The goal isn’t to reproduce this profile.

But rather to see what works and come up with a game plan to make one that hits the same points.

That communicates the same information.

You can make it happens.

Step 2: Everything else.

Choosing your Tinder profile picture is the obvious and most important first step. Beyond that, we still need to find the right Tinder bio, photos 2 through 6, and even talk about how to send a first message that stands out.

To make this process easier, we've put together a full course that will bring you through all of this in an easy and clear way.

Everything is covered from...

  • Writing a bio that is so irresistible, she messages you first.

  • Exactly what all your photos should be, 1-6, with REAL examples of what works and what doesn't work for each.

  • Feedback reviewing real Tinder profiles.

  • And more...

You can learn more about Tinder 10X here.