Why Tinder Places Will Get You More Dates

For the first time in 5+ years Tinder is making a significant change with the introduction of “Tinder Places,” a new location-based matching feature.

And it's going to get you more dates.

Tinder Places is currently being tested in Australia and Chile, and there’s no official word on when it’ll go live worldwide.

But from what we know about it looks as awesome as it sounds.

Tinder Places could lead to more Tinder matches for you & make it easier to send opening messages.

Why Tinder Places Will Get You More Dates | Zirby

What is Tinder Places?

If two people are using Tinder Places and they visit the same location while meeting each other’s requirements, they’ll show up as potential matches in their Tinder Places feed.

Sounds like Happn?

This is similar to features that already exist on Happn, and Match, and it’ll also compete with Facebook Dating’s event matching feature when it launches. If it works...

Why this is Great for You.

The most important thing that we know about Tinder Places is you won’t see the same people in your main feed and Tinder Places feed.

So what's the big deal?

Put it like this: your city’s Tinder is one giant ocean of men competing for a significantly smaller number of women. 

Each Tinder Places location is a drastically smaller pond.

Small pond, less competition.

For example, you could be man #1,002 on Kelsey's main queue, but if you both go to the same bar, bam, suddenly you’re #3 there.

And if you’re following our advice about maintaining a healthy elo score, you'll be #1.

More matches?

Well, maybe.

This doesn’t make her more likely to swipe right on you. It just means you'll come up faster for her to decide whether she's going to swipe right on you.

That's why you still need a great profile. 

Tinder’s CEO Ellie Seidman estimates that their opt-in-rate for Tinder Places will be over 90%, plenty high enough to make sure there’s female fish in each pond.

It's as if you've got a permanent Tinder Boost in your pond.

How to Have a Great Tinder Profile

Like I mentioned, girls will see your profile faster, but you still need to have a good one.

Here are two great articles we've written to help you get started.

Free Resource #1

How to make a Tinder Profile that gets Matches. (The Complete Guide)


Free Resource #2

Case study reviewing the best and the worst Tinder bios (so you can write a great one.)

After You Match on Tinder Places

The coolest thing about Tinder places is it makes starting conversations really easy.

You already know what kind of bars she likes, and you’ve got that in common. Ask her if she’s tried the barbacoa tacos, or if she does karaoke night, the possibilities are endless.

If you match with someone who you know goes to the same place as you, I think that will set a very different tone to the conversation than someone who is more or less anonymous.
— Samantha Stevens, Tinder’s Director of Location Products,

How Does Tinder Places Work?

Once it goes live, you’ll see a pin at the top of your discovery page, right next to that flame icon that you know so well. Click on it, and select “Turn Places On.”

Why Tinder Places will get you more dates | Zirby

Tinder will automatically start tracking the places you go, and you’ll get notified when you have potential matches at a location.

You can choose to hide or display any location from Tinder Places as you’re notified about them (but more on that in our privacy section).

Why Tinder Matches will get you more dates | Zirby

Once here, Tinder works like it always does, if you both swipe right, you match.

Why Tinder Matches will get you more dates | Zirby

How Does Privacy Work?:

For the skittish, Steven’s said, “As a female who designed this feature, I personally made sure that I would feel safe using it.”

She emphasized that:

  • Tinder Places is opt-in, not opt out. Tinder won’t keep track of your whereabouts if you don’t want them to.

  • Tinder Places only offers you matches at places that they’ve deemed to be “social.” This means it’ll never display your home, your work, your best friends house, your bank, your dentist, etc.

    Sucks for any Dentists looking for a quick hookup...

  • Tinder Places doesn’t make your profile available immediately when you arrive at a location, and it gives you complete control over which locations your profile appears, as shown below.

Why Tinder Matches will get you more dates | Zirby

We're Going to be the First to Use it.

Okay, not officially.

But when Tinder Places does come out we're going to be all over it.

We'll be seeing what strategies work the best, and how to optimize your strategy to get more matches using Tinder places.

It's going to be a fun process, and everyone within our private Facebook group is going to be apart of the experimentation. 

I'd love to invite you to come join our group. When Tinder places does come out, post up your experiences and tricks along side us.

Our Facebook group is 100% private, and is monitored. It's a thriving community of guys who excel at online dating - or want to get quickly up to speed. 

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