Should you always swipe right on Tinder?

Should you always swipe right on Tinder? You've probably heard conflicting arguments about this topic. It's a pretty significant question because swiping is... well, the fundamental action of Tinder. After researching this, what've I've found is surprising, so buckle up.

Should you always swipe right on Tinder?

Sometimes You Should Always Swipe Right.

Stop! I know you're tempted to scroll down to the bottom of the article and see the final "yes" or "no" verdict, but frankly, there isn't one. Like most things in life there's a "time and a place" for everything. 

Always swiping right is usually not a good idea, but sometimes it actually is the right answer. Let's talk about why.

Don't Swipe Right Most of the Time.

Tinder has an algorithm that determines how and who to match you with called the Elo Score.

You might think that Tinder works just by bringing you down the list of all the women in the area but this isn't the case. And when you think about it, that really wouldn't make the best business sense. 

Of course, we don't know how the Tinder algorithm works yet - at least until Julian Assange leaks it to Donald Trump Jr, but we can make some educated assumptions. By always swiping right...

  • You are communicating to the Tinder algorithm that you'll take anyone.
  • You're happy to swipe right on women who have the lowest response rates.
  • You're happy to swipe right on women who get the least amounts of matches.
  • You're happy to swipe right on women who have the most curt responses.

Most importantly...

You're happy to for Tinder to give you the bottom of the barrel and reserve the women with the highest response rates, most right swipes (most attractive), and the most desired with the guys who are not like you. For guys are selective.

Think about it. Why would Tinder want to give these unicorn girls to guys who'll accept anything? It goes against their company key performance indicator, as we discuss here.

If you had a friend over that is 100% perfectly happy with drinking PBR, would you open a bottle of your finest scotch for him to take a shot from? Or would you save that for a friend who is selective of what he drinks and actually gives a s%!t?

You know the answer. And that's with your friends. 

More on Your Elo Score.

Tinder collects many data points on its users. Why not collect...

  • The average time it takes you to respond to a message.
  • The quality of your images you upload? 
  • The % chance you'll write a first message based on the desirability of your match.

Tinder has no reason to match the top quality women with guys who don't respond quickly (or at all), or who use certain language/words associated with men who get the lowest response rate.

And while we probably shouldn't over think this, Tinder does - because that's Tinder's job.

From our point of view, it's a fun thought experiment but the key takeaways here are to not make the same mistakes all other guys are making on Tinder and do what makes sense from a... common sense perspective.

We'll get to the key takeaways soon, but first I want to touch on something I mentioned earlier... When does always swiping right actually work?

When it's Okay to Always Swipe Right.

There are times when always swiping right works in your favor. Technically this may be "cheating" the algorithm, but it is what it is. Don't blame me if this gets corrected.

Basically, when you delete your Tinder account and remake it you get a fresh start. You get a free pass on all of the women who swiped left on you - they are suddenly all on the table again.

You also get something every new account gets... your free super like of the week. One of the other guys at Zirby, Thijs, discovered this trick.

You can delete your account, create a new one, use your boost, and swipe right on everyone. You take what comes in, message them quickly and get their phone numbers. Then, you delete your account and use the boost again. 

Effectively you lose your algorithm, but you gain a lot of boosts. 

That said, this only works in high population areas. You'll also find that Tinder will withhold matches from you if you have a brand new account. The same way you might withhold your best hand when a new guy joins the table. 

So, while this isn't the best way to use Tinder it has it's place in the right circumstances. Still, I'd much rather have a Tinder account that I've built up by following the key takeaways.


Because of the Tinder Elo algorithm, your goal is to set your profile up to maximize the effectiveness of that algorithm.

That's a little complicated, simply because we can't know for sure what that algorithm actually is. You also don't want to fall too far down the rabbit hole because at the end of the day you're on Tinder to just meet people in a very relaxed way.

Still, there are some very common sense pointers you can follow to maximize the chances that Tinder works for you, and not against you.

  • Avoid always swiping right. Be selective and choose the women you're actually interested in.
  • Message the matches you do get - don't let them just sit there and rot.
  • Don't wait weeks or months or respond. (Beyond Tinder, it increases the chances you'll meet up if you don't do that... so... )
Here's a good rule of thumb: Only swipe right on women that you know you'll message within a few days once she matches with you.

By following this common sense guide, and avoiding a big pitfall that you may be making on Tinder you should experience more matches with the kind of women you're actually interested in - and a higher response rate as well.

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