How to Get a Second Date Over Text (+Video Breakdown)

You've scored your first date from Tinder, Facebook Dating, or Bumble.

Things went well... now what?

Here’s how to get a second date over text, with video breakdown.

How to Get a Second Date Over Text (+ Real Screenshots)

Getting the 2nd Tinder Date

How do you get a second date from a Text conversation?

The good news is it’s even easier than you think.

But sometimes things don’t always work out.

For example, what do you do if she ghosts on you after the first date?

Can you still recover?

Rather than explain it, we recovered a video breaking it down step by step.

That way you can see the right way to ask for a second date by text.

Also, I recommend you check out our article on how to text women.

It goes deeper in to these topics.

From Ghost into Hookup

One of the Zirby fans in our private Facebook group sent us his text conversation to review.

He met a girl on the bus, got her number and ended up going on a date with her.

Everything was going so well, until... she ghosted.

What happened?

We’ll never know how the 1st date went.

But we can see exactly what he could have done better through his texting. 

So you can avoid his mistakes.

Second Date via Text Breakdown

Want Feedback on Your Text Messages?

When you can’t see what you’re doing wrong it’s impossible to improve.

This couldn’t be more true with texting girls.

The best way to get feedback on your texts is by joining our Own Your Online Dating Facebook group.

Which is 100% private.

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