How to Get a Second Date Over Text (+ Real Screenshots)

You've scored your first date from Tinder, Facebook Dating, or Bumble. Things went well... but now what? Here's how you can set up a 2nd date over text, even if she ghosted on you. We'll be analyzing screenshots of a real text conversation

 How to Get a Second Date Over Text (+ Real Screenshots)

She Ghosted After the First Date

How do you get a second date from a Text conversation? One of the Zirby fans sent us a text conversation for us to break down after meeting a girl on the bus. He got her number, and even ended up on a date with her.

Everything was going so well, until... she ghosted. What happened? Well, we'll never know what happened on the date but we can get an idea of what he could have done better through his texting. 

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