No Matches on Tinder? Here's Why.

No Matches on Tinder? Here's Why

If you’re finding yourself swiping right but getting no matches on Tinder, here’s what’s going wrong.

This article will show you exactly why you’re not getting matches.

But more importantly, we’ll spell out advice to make immediate changes.

Changes that WILL get you matches no matter who you are, or what you look like. 

Bad ELO Score from Swiping Right Too Much

Tinder has an algorithm called Elo.

Elo determines when your Tinder profile appears in the “queue” of male profiles a girl needs to swipe through to get to you.

The higher in queue you are, the better.

Because women don’t swipe like men, and it takes them a long time to get through their queue.

To make things even more complicated, Elo will also determine if you appear in a girls queue at all.

And this makes sense, here’s why:

Only Share Your Good Whiskey…

Let’s say you have two bottles of whiskey.

A good whiskey, and a cheap off-brand.

If you have a friend come over who has no class and will drink anything, which whiskey will you pour him?

Your expensive rare bottle, that he wont appreciated or even recognize as good?

Or your cheap off-brand, that he’s totally happy with?

Screenshot showing many Tinder matches

Tinder Works the Same Way

When it comes to your Elo score, Tinder is learning about you.

By swiping right on every girl, you are communicating to the system you really have no standards.

  • Girls with empty profiles? Great!

  • Women with the lowest response rate? Right swipe!

  • Profiles that never swipe right and only swipe left? Sure, why not?

If you’re communicating to Tinder that you’re happy with the least friend, least matched, and lowest response rate profiles, that’s exactly what Tinder is inclined to give you.

While we don’t know exactly what goes into your, but we do know that Tinder punishes accounts that swipes right on every girl.

If you always swipe right, you are flagged as a fake account, and thus Tinder has less incentive to match you with women who have the highest response rates.

You’re shooting yourself in the foot before you even start.

If you’re getting no matches on Tinder, here’s a place to start.


How to Correct a Bad Elo Score:

Think back to your swiping strategy.

If it hasn’t been going well, you can recover.

Your first step is to start implementing a healthy strategy.

This is as simple as it sounds:

Only swipe right on the girls you actually have intent to message if you match.

Of course, going from no matches to a healthy profile won’t be fast.

It’s going to take time to correct your bad Elo score.

But it’s obviously worth it.

Reseting Your Tinder Account

There is a short cut.

By deleting your account and remaking it, you can skip slow process to rebuild your Elo.

We wrote an article on how to Delete your account (refresh your algorithm) here.

But, keep in mind that Tinder has changed.

And in the past you could simply delete and remake…

Now it seems that’s not enough and you may need to make a new Facebook profile to tie it to.

No Matches on Tinder? Make it Their Problem

Here’s where things get interesting.

Because of the GDPR laws coming in to effect, Tinder now allows you to request your own Data.

So if you’re curious, you can have them send you a copy of everything they know about you.

With that said, they wont tell you what your Elo score is…

(Because it’s derived from your data, it’s not the data itself.)

But according to Tinder’s own support page, they delete all the data on you once you delete your account.

Delete your Tinder

So resetting may very well be an option again for 2019.

Again, it’s important to stress this isn’t confirmed via Tinder itself.

But from feedback of people in our private Facebook group, it seems to be the case.

Your Tinder Photos Need Serious Work.

Your Tinder Profile Isn't Optimized.

Having a well-constructed Tinder profile picture is the most crucial element for a man on Tinder.

Women will only see you for a fraction of a second, and it’s your job to project the best version of yourself within that split second.

  • Is your photo taken indoors with poor lighting?

  • Can she see you clearly in the photo?

  • Is the photo an awkward selfie?

These are just a few questions you should ask yourself. A professional, high-quality profile picture can mean the difference between no matches or a new date every day. Here’s a video that will help you make a solid Profile picture.

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