How to Succeed at Online Dating Fast

Is there a magic pill to succeed with online dating really fast? Yes. I'm going to show you one simple trick to get your momentum going faster than you thought was possible. Ready?

 How to Succeed at Online Dating Fast

The Secret to Fast Success with Online Dating

Without further ado, here's the secret:

Do less Online Dating.

Wait, what? That goes against common sense. If you want to get really good at something, don't you need to live it and breath it everyday? That to reach your goals you need to have your foot on the pavement and run head first into every obstacle?

  • Don't you need to swipe all the time?
  • Shouldn't you always be looking for Tinder photography oppurtunties everytime you go out?
  • Is there really such a thing as "trying your luck" too much?

See, when you really look at those success stories, you find that what made them successful was deliberate mindfulness, moderation, and a balanced life.

Michael Jordan is a prime example. He was out on the court for three hours every single day to get where he needed to be. Enough time, but not too much to be consumed.

Wait, just three hours?

We have romantic notions of being the Karate Kid - waking up at 5 am to balance on posts by the ocean, wax on wax off in the afternoon, and catch flies with our chopsticks at Midnight before we fall over in exhaustion. 

But this is not real life. Crammed learning has been shown to be ineffective to when compared to deliberate, small learning sessions spread out over a longer period of time. [1][2][3] Over focus breeds obsession, not results. Dating is a great example of this. 

The Story of James

There was a period when I worked with a very well-known dating coach. One of our camera guys was a young man who was exceptional at meeting women and getting them interested in him.

He had no job, and took a meager salary recording "infield dating footage", and slept at a clients house who he'd instruct for free rent.

At 21, he spent a minimum of 12 hours a day for years doing nothing dating. Ultimately, he got his wish to be a dating coach. 

But as much as this path gave him a refined set of skills, it stripped him from developing an education, an awareness of the world, and a stable core to live free from favors of his handlers.

He lacked balance, and while he could attract drunk, naive or uneducated girls, the facade fell apart when he met a woman who required more out of a man than a few lines.

The Right Skill Set

It's unlikely that you're going to end up like "James" but for every minute you're focusing on online dating is one minute when you could be refining other skills.

And those other skills will get women attracted to you way more than having the "right line."

Don't get me wrong, Zirby exists to teach online dating techniques and tricks. I have a vested interest in convincing you to take my advice with Tinder, and even buy our Tinder 10X Profile making course. Hint hint.

But this is the 1% to focus on. The other 99% is daily life. 

Use Online Dating Less

In the grand scheme of things, you'll grow better with thirty minutes a day for a year than 365 hours for six consecutive months. Despite the fact that the latter is double the amount of time spent.

And this is with any skill.

I'll end by telling a quick story - and one that I repeat on occasions when a student overcome with obsession writes me. 

There once was a student who approach a master and said, “If I practice diligent, how long before I too become a master?”

The master reflected on this and replied, “ten years.”

The student, in a rush to accomplish his goals said, “What if I train harder than anyone else, every day, every hour? How long will it take then?”

The master reflected once again and stoically replied, “twenty years.”

Best of luck on your journey, and remember to put down your pen once and awhile and take a breath. Because if you don't, it will show on your first date.

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