How to make the PERFECT Tinder Profile (+Real Examples)

How do you make a perfect Tinder profile? A Tinder profile that gets you the matches that you actually want. One that gets you dates with attractive women. Most importantly, how do you set up a Tinder profile that gets across the best aspects of your personality even if you're an average looking guy? Here's how.

How to make the PERFECT Tinder Profile (+Real Examples)

How to make the PERFECT Tinder Profile (+Real Examples)


What is a "perfect" Tinder profile?

Right off the bat, we need to clarify some terms. When we talk about your ideal profile could we give a shape to what it'd actually look like and how it would perform?

It's nice to dream about a magic profile that every woman you swipe right on would match with you - but frankly - this is unrealistic. 

When I say the perfect profile, I'm referring to a Tinder profile where any girl who could conceivably be interested in you would swipe right and wouldn't be turned off by using bad Tinder photos, bad bios, or even poor first messages.

Put another way, let's talk about two fictional people's Tinder profiles. Beetlejuice and Clark Kent. We'll look at what their matches look like when they have the worst possible Tinder profile and the best possible Tinder profile.

Clark Kent - The Best Guy on Tinder.

Clark Kent is a highly attractive man, with a lot of ambition and life experiences that would make most women weak in the knees. Maybe something like a more refined version of this guy who has over 7,000 matches accord to Vice.

Clark has two profiles.

One is really really bad. We're talking mirror selfies, no bio, poor quality images. He also has a perfect Tinder profile that he learned to create from this blog post.

  • Clark's worst possible profile gets 6 matches out of every 10 swipes. Even though his profile is set up totally wrong - he still is a world class guy, so he still gets a few matches.
  • Clark's best possible profile gets 9 matches out of every 10 swipes. (Realistically speaking, not even Brad Pitt's real Tinder profile would hit that, but still.)

So for Clark, he has a 60%-90% range. For him hitting 60% would be a total failure in terms of what he is actually capable of.

Beetlejuice - The Guy on Tinder Who Doesn't Stand a Chance.

Now it's Beetlejuice' turn. He looks terrible. He smells bad. His teeth are rotted away... he almost looks like a rotting corpse! To top it all off, he has absolutely no ambition and lives at home with his family. Let's look at his best and worst profiles.

  • Beetlejuices' worst possible profile gets 1 match out of every 500 swipes. Absolutely the bottom of the barrel.
  • Beetlejuices' best possible profile gets 2 matches out of every 100 swipes. Sure, he still looks not amazing, but he has clean respectable photos. He looks neat. His images show him with friends, pursuing passions (whether real or not.)

So for Beetlejuice, he has a range of 0.5%-1%. If he were to hit 1% match rate he'd be on top of the world.

Clark Vs. Beetlejuice

The point of all of this is to say that when we say the perfect Tinder profile we're talking about this possible % range of what your matches are capable of at your worst and best.

Remember, for Clark to hit 1% would be impossibly bad. It just wouldn't happen. But for Beetlejuice, 1% would be outstanding. 

You should never measure yourself against anyone else's match rate - because this isn't a competition.

Here's the good news: the majority of guys are average. It's pretty unlikely to have any walking corpses or supermen reading this article. What's important is focusing on how to have a better profile for you, and I'm going to show you how.

The Golden Question for a Perfect Tinder Profile

You open up your Tinder, grab a few photos from Facebook and slap them in. You search online for some good ideas for a bio and you hit 'OK'. Now you start swiping and hoping for the best.

Unfortunately, you made one critical mistake: you didn't ask yourself the Golden Question for a perfect Tinder profile.

If this profile was someone I didn't know, would I want to go hang out with them?

Male, female, whatever. If you were to ask this question about your profile, would the answer be a RESOUNDING YES, or would it be, "well..."

This is an important question. When a woman sees your profile she should actively want to meet up with you because you're an exciting, fun guy who can increase the happiness of her life. 

Most guys just look "nice" or "alright" - that might be OK for your Facebook profile but it wont work on Tinder. The guys who know better are getting the majority of matches while everyone else gets little to nothing.

Let's look at some examples. Here are two photos of me that both serve the same purpose on a Tinder profile - to show that I have a social life. I call this kind of shot the group shot. Every profile needs one.

A Bad Group Shot for Tinder

Here's the first option for my Tinder group shot. I'm the one on the bottom left of the image with no tie.

A great group photo for Tinder.

Comparing the Group Photos. Which is Better?

So looking at option 2, can you guess which photo would increase the likely hood I get a match and get me a match with a higher quality woman?

Obviously, we both know the answer. So why is it that the vast majority of guys use a group shot that looks exactly like option 1?

Side note: Another important aspect of option 2 is you can immediately tell who I am right away. That's so important! I make it really obvious here but in option 1 you'd have no idea who I was unless I told you. 

The reason the second one works is that when you look at it, you're more likely to think: "wow, that guy looks like he's having fun, and is well traveled."

Ideally, you might even think, "I want to go hang out and travel with that guy! I bet he knows a lot of cool places in the world to go see."

That's what the Golden Question is all about.

All of your photos should elicit that kind of response. Once you have a profile where your photos, bio, and your first message work in harmony to paint a picture of a guy that most people would want to hang out with - male or female - then you'll have a Tinder profile that starts getting serious results.

Remember, women put a lot of time and effort into how they project themselves. Be it their hair, makeup, clothing.

We don't have to worry about any of that. Hell, as men, we can frankly look like s$!t. What's important isn't our looks, but that we're ambitious, strong, guys who are leaders. With a little time and effort that's actually a very easy thing to show in your Tinder profile.

Putting Everything Together.

By now you have an understanding of what your Tinder Profile is capable of. You know how to critique your profile with the Golden Question.

All that's left is putting everything together with a blueprint - a step by step plan - for choosing the right Profile Photo, the right 2nd and 3rd photo (your body shot and group shot), your passion photos - the 4th, 5th, and 6th shot, writing your bio and of course - how to structure your first message.

To help with that, we build a full course for building a Tinder profile which can you find here, called Tinder 10X. It will give you all the resources you need to maximize your match percentage.