I Hired Women from Fiverr to Review My Tinder Profile (This is what happened.)

I hired women from Fiverr to Review my Tinder Profile

After updating my Tinder profile the other day it dawned on me I should get some feedback.

I had the incredibly smart, or stupid, idea to get that feedback from Fiverr.

So I hired women from Fiverr to fix & review my Tinder Profile.

These weren’t just any women.

These were women taking money to give expert feedback.

I wanted to see per dollar I spent what the value of the feedback would be.

And the results will surprise you.

Because they surprised me.

This is what happened…

How this Works

Before we get in to the juicy details, first I want to lay the ground work.

If you don’t know who I am: hi!

I’m Marc.

I’ve worked in the dating industry since 2014.

My “resume” includes working at Simple Pickup, a men’s dating YouTube channel with 2.7M subscribers.

And working with dating coaches such as Willy Beck.

Beyond that I created the Zirby.

So when I charge money for my courses, like Tinder 10X to build your Tinder profile

I actually know my stuff.

But I wondered, for the ultra-thrifty, could you skip paying people like me for advice?

And just send $5 to Fiverr and make a good profile with it?

Fiverr Dating Advice

So when I saw people selling dating advice on Fiverr I got curious.

  • Would this advice actually be useful?

  • Or were these women just scamming guys out of their money?

The Tinder equivalent of tricking guys in to ordering your pizzas.

Tinder Advice on Fiverr

But maybe I’m just jaded.

Maybe some of the advice on here really is worth the $5 to nearly $100.

So rather than ask such eternal questions to myself I decided to dive in to the pit of Fiverr dating advice.

Rules of the Game

To really test these dating experts out first I needed to come up with the rules of the game.

Should I use my actual profile — one that is highly optimized?

Or should I use a fake one so they actually have something to fix.

I decided to use my real Tinder profile.

I figured it would give us a better range of responses.

… and a deeper pit to dig themselves in to.

But hell, if any of the advice was good then I’d actually use it!

So here’s the rules of the game:

  1. Hire Tinder dating experts on Tinder.

  2. Send them a folder with my Tinder photos and bio in it.

  3. Wait.

Rating the Advice

All of this would be meaningless if I didn’t rate the advice that I was given by these experts.

So here’s the rating system I’m going to use:

  • I’ll give points for good advice.

  • I’ll subtract points for bad advice.

  • And I’ll give/subtract points for the overall value of the feedback.

Then, I’m going to divide that number by the cost of the job.

So, advice that has 10 points of total advice, and costs only $5 is a ratio of 2/1.

Or $10 worth of value for only $5!

This way we’ll have a ratio value given.

And if the point value is 0 or in the negatives, we’ll just round it to 0.

Now before we get in to the actual reviews… first I want to show you my Tinder profile.

My Tinder Profile

Alright so I’m going to share with you my real Tinder profile.

Or at least this was my Tinder profile when I ran this experiment.

I’m hesitant to show my actual profile simple because I change it often.

Constantly testing new strategies, different photos, and more.

Maybe of my images have changed since this iteration.

So if you’re looking to emulate my Tinder profile make sure you understand the fundamentals first.

A good place to start is my guide on Tinder profiles.

Understanding a Solid Profile

In order to judge the advice from the Fiverr dating experts…

First I need to explain to you the choices I’m making in my own profile.

So rather than just post the screenshot of my profile and move on.

I decided to post every individual photo along with an explanation of why it works.

Trust me, by understanding this at a deeper level it will help you to build your own.

But also it will give you the keys to the Dodge Viper of humor this article has locked up.

You ready?

Start your engines!

Marc from Zirby’s Tinder Profile Photo Screenshot

My Profile Photo.

First we’ll start with my profile photo.

A good Tinder profile photo does 3 things.

  1. Clearly shows your Face.

  2. Gives her an impression what being around you is like.

  3. Makes her curious.

This profile photo does all 3 things.

  • By looking at this image, she knows what I look like.

  • She knows what I like to do (photography)

  • And makes her extremely curious.

After-all, what the hell is the camera?

What am I doing with it?

Beyond all of that, the image is flattering.

This is a very solid Tinder profile photo.

(I wonder what the Fiverr experts will think?


My Group Shot.

Every Tinder profile needs a group shot.

Showing you with other people.

And the best group-shots have 3 features:

  1. Easy to identify.

  2. Contagiously fun.

  3. Getting her curious.

My group shot does these 3 things, too!

  • I’m the only adult, I’m the only white-guy, I’m wearing black. You can tell who I am INSTANTLY, which is important when she swipes fast through images.

  • We’re all having fun, and our laughter is contagious.

  • Her curiosity is peaked by the image.

Again, you’ll notice that getting her curious is a big point in my Tinder profile.

Marc from Zirby’s Group Shot Screenshot
Marc from Zirby’s Tinder Bio Screenshot

My Tinder Bio

Let’s switch gears and look at my bio.

There are 2 secrets to writing a Tinder bio:

  1. Showing, not telling.

  2. Getting her curious.

My bio does these two things.

I don’t write “I’m adventurous and funny.”

That would come off as weird and ingenuiue.

Instead I show it by sharing mini stories.

These mini stories are adventurous and funny.

Whatever qualities you want to get across in your Tinder profile…

Make sure you show them and not tell them.

And… making her curious.

What’s new!


The Other Images

We’ll save a bit of time here by not going in to detail with every other image.

But you can see them all above.

Now we’re both on the same page.

Let’s actually go through the online dating profile reviews from Fiverr!

Lexigreen's Tinder Profile Review

Lexigreen Tinder Profile Review

Up to bat first is Lexigreen.

When I came across her posting she promised to help me create a perfect Tinder profile.

And for only $7!

As she had no prior reviews yet I’d be the first to take the plunge.

So I took out my credit card and sent $7 off in to the void.

Doubting all my life choices up until this point.

Two days later, here’s the feedback I received…

(I’ll first show her unedited message, then I’ll give me review of it!)

Lexigreen’s Un-Edited Feedback

So I’ve looked over your Tinder profile. Firstly, I’d like to say that your travel stories sound amazing! The first thing that jumps out at me is that you’re not smiling in many of your photos. It might make you come off as a bit too serious perhaps?

Fiverr Dating Expert

I really like the first photo and the one of you with the kids and the one of you smiling with your two friends in front of the car. The only thing I would change is maybe make the first main profile picture one where you’re smiling.

I’m not a huge fan of the one of you in the white button down looking very serious. It’s a great photo, but I think it doesn’t quite fit in a Tinder profile. The one of you in the green car is alright, but it might be nice to have another photo of you with friends or smiling. Photos of you with a pet or animal would likely go over well.

Your bio is good, but it doesn’t tell me a whole lot about you and it’s a bit long. With Tinder it’s good to be short and two the point. Definitely mention your love of travelling, but also include other things you like. Favourite food, hobbies, what you do or study, etc. After a sentence with those things, you could tack on something like, “Hit me up if you want to hear some crazy travelling misadventures!”

Let me know if you have any more questions and see how this works for you. Thank you!

My Feedback

Lexigreen’s review had a few interesting points.

I do come off rather serious in my Tinder profile.

However, that’s by design.

It’s best to test whether you get more matches with more serious expressions.

Or by smiling.

You might be surprised by your results - like I was.

For me - personally - smiling tends to be less effective.

She did pick up on the fact that my profile is fairly well optimized.

And she found it entertaining.

Which gives me hope.

Recognizing a good profile is a great sign that she isn’t just spouting off whatever comes to her mind.

Anyhow, let’s rate her advice.

Rating Lexigreen’s Review

  • “You’re not smiling in many of your photos.”
    Could be useful depending on whether you’re doing it intentionally or not.

  • “I’m not a huge fan of the one of you in the white button down looking very serious. It’s a great photo, but I think it doesn’t quite fit in a Tinder profile.”
    Vague with no explanation as to why it’s not a good Tinder photo… it is.

  • You could tack on something like, “Hit me up if you want to hear some crazy traveling misadventures!”
    A Call to action is always a good idea. I’m actually going to use this advice.

The Final Score

So how did Lexigreen do?

Actually… pretty well!

I loved her advice to have a strong call to action in the profile.

This actively encourages women to message you first.

And gives shape to the conversation before it even starts.

Frankly I didn’t expect to get usable advice out of this Tinder experiment.

She wound up with an impressive 8 points for only $7.

Lexigreen: For every $1 you spent, you get $1.14 worth of value.

Worth the price!

Not bad for our first review.

Let’s hope this keeps up!

Julieaoi's Tinder Profile Review

Tinder Profile Review

What I liked about Julieaoi’s gig is she doesn’t just talk about Tinder.

She mentions Online Dating, and OkCupid.

“Okay,” I thought, “maybe she has some experience with all dating apps and can give some really specific advice.”

She promised both to review & revamp my profile.

With detailed feedback on my pictures and bio.

I sent off another $7 and hoped that it wasn’t going to be burned inches away from my nose.

Here’s her response two days later:

Julieaoi’s Un-Edited Feedback

Thank you for contacting me; first of all, let me just say you have a pretty good profile already, so well done! It definitely shows that you are a fine art practitioner, because you clearly have a sense of aesthetics and presentation that many people lack, so you're on a good track. That being said, I have a few comments and tips to improve it.


From the screenshots you sent me, I can't tell if you have your Instagram account linked to your Tinder profile. If not, I would strongly recommend adding it, especially if you have a professional Instagram where you post your work. Personally, I'm way more likely to swipe right if I see an Instagram account with good aesthetics, because it shows me that a) I'm looking at a real person, not a catfish; and b) this is someone who cultivates interesting hobbies. In fact, a few times I decided to swipe right on someone purely because of their Instagram, not based on their Tinder photos. Plus, your photographs are great and I think creating art is super sexy, so you should highlight that.


I love the first photo you chose. It's a good quality picture of you where your face is clearly visible, it shows your style, and it immediately gives me an impression of your work and interests. Don't change it!

I would move your fourth picture (white shirt with city lights in the background) to second, again because it's a good-looking, high quality picture of you where you're clearly visible. If someone is swiping quickly, they might just look at the first couple of picture you have, so you want to catch their attention immediately; once they're interested, they'll keep going to find out more.

Improve OkCupid Profile

I actually really love your last picture and I would put it third. It has a really cool vibe and aesthetics, it makes me feel like I would like to hang out with you and your friends!

Your picture with the children is the only thing about your profile I have some strong negative opinions about. It gives off the "voluntourism" vibe (not sure if that's what you were actually doing, but this is what it looks like), and a lot of people consider it narcissistic to use volunteering experiences as social media material, especially Tinder. It's a cute picture and I'm sure you chose it because it was a meaningful moment for you, but some people might read it as the typical "white Westerner using third world children to show off for social capital" trope. Again, it's not a judgement on whatever you were doing there, just want you to know it might give off the wrong impression because you can't provide any context to the person looking at your profile. There's actually a Tumblr page called "Humanitarians of Tinder" that collects similar pictures, I'm sure you don't want to end up there! :)

The other two pictures (the car one and the one with the two girls) are fine, I don't have strong opinions about them. If at some point you get a really good new picture you want to add to your profile, these are the two pictures I would replace first out of your current ones. They're not bad, I just feel like they're not at the level of the first three I commented on, in terms of aesthetic quality and/or ability to showcase your interests and personality. Keep them until you get a better replacement though, a full profile is always better!


I actually really like your bio. It's catchy and you manage to highlight your passion for traveling with specific anecdotes, without sounding predictable (a lot of people just write "I love traveling around and discovering new places!" which is just... boring, because it's so generic and impersonal). It also makes me feel like you don't take yourself too seriously and can laugh at yourself (the tortilla chips story), which is great! I would honestly just keep it like this. I hope these comments are helpful! Go forth and conquer! Bests, Francesca.

My Feedback

Okay, wow, I wasn’t expecting that.

Julieaoi’s feedback really was comprehensive.

And there was a few points of really useful information in there.

Just like the last Fiverr review, she recognized that my profile had some polish.

What really struck me was how much effort she put in to this review.

At over 680 words, and only paying $7 she is writing at just $0.01 per word.

(Freelance writers charge 5-15 times more than that.)

Let’s break down her advice and parse out what you can use for your Online Dating profile.

Rating Julieaoi’s Review

  • “I can't tell if you have your Instagram account linked to your Tinder profile. If not, I would strongly recommend adding it.”
    I did not have my IG connected, and that is great advice. Instagram supercharges your Tinder and I’ve written an article about my Tinder / Instagram strategy here.

  • “I love the first photo you chose. It's a good quality picture of you where your face is clearly visible, it shows your style, and it immediately gives me an impression of your work and interests.”
    Sound familiar? These are the exact 3 points I mentioned for what constitutes a great Tinder Profile photo.

  • “If someone is swiping quickly, they might just look at the first couple of picture you have, so you want to catch their attention immediately.”
    Exactly. Make sure your first few photos GRAB attention. She will only look at your profile for a fraction of a second. You’ll get or lose the match in that time.

  • “I actually really love your last picture and I would put it third. It has a really cool vibe and aesthetics, it makes me feel like I would like to hang out with you and your friends!”
    Sound familiar… again?! The best group shots on Tinder make her want to go hang out with you. Because what you’re doing looks more fun and exciting than what she is doing in her day to day life.

  • “Your picture with the children is the only thing about your profile I have some strong negative opinions about. It gives off the "voluntourism" vibe”
    Interesting point. I can see how someone would feel that way.

The Final Score

Just looking above, we already know that this Fiverr review knocked it out of the park.

Her feedback was honestly good.

And this is definitive proof that you can find good freelancers on Fiverr.

And that dating advice is possible too.

Seriously, who would have thought?

With a total of 23 points (plus 5 extra for the wordcount…) we’re now at 28 points.

Julieaoi: For every $1 you spent, you get $4 worth of value.

That is seriously impressive.

At this stage we’re batting two for two.

Either reviewer you’re getting a good return on investment.

Let’s move on to the next.

Allycurry's Review

Tinder Profile Breakdown

Next I stumbled across Allycurry.

“Help you create the best Tinder profile.”

Sure, why not?

In her description she promises that “with my help we can get you not only the matches you want, but the matches you deserve.”

I’ve been a bad guy lately, so I’m not sure I deserve much of anything.

Allycurry’s Un-Edited Feedback

Tinder Profile Review

Okay, so overall I would say that your profile currently is very intriguing. I love the humor in it, I feel like I get a good sense of your personality from it. However, I feel like it would work better to cut out where you have added your stories. By including this in your bio you’ve lost lots of conversation! So maybe say “Message me to hear about my adventures and maybe we can have some together. ”

Maybe add some facts of what you like to do in your spare time but with a twist. Keep it short and sweet but make it witty. 

Keep in mind that less is more and keeping girls wanting more is the key.

As for your pictures. They’re great! I might add one more “down to earth” selfie like picture. I would throw this in the middle of your more quality pictures.

Rating Allycurry’s Review

I’de say her online dating profile review was short and sweet.

But it wasn’t all that sweet.

“Maybe add some facts of what you like to do in your spare time but with a twist. Keep it short and sweet but make it witty.”

It looks like we’re on the same page with this, though.

However in my case, I did this with my stories.

But she didn’t see it this way.

I’m not really sure how to give points to this, because there’s so little here.

And the good advice she has is countered with bad advice.

The Final Score

Anyway, I’m just going to make life easy.

And say this profile review was a break even.

Allycurry: For every $1 you spent, you get $1 worth of value.

Fakesteph's Review

Bad Profile Review

Fakesteph promised a Tinder profile evaluation.

And at a little less than double the cost of all the other Fiverr reviews she had a lot to live up to.

Not that I’m holding my breath.

She included a screenshot of her own Tinder profile.

… It was pretty bad.

Then again who doesn’t give out good advice that they don’t actually follow?

So with an open mind I sent along the $12 to Fakesteph and waited.

Fakesteph’s Unedited Feedback

Thank you so much for ordering the picture and bio review! Please let me know if you want additional clarification or if there is anything else I can help you with.

Picture #1 (Profile photo) - This is my favorite picture that you have here. It’s clean, bright, and captures your interests. You come across as artsy and intelligent, a definite positive for high quality matches.

Picture #2 (Group shot with Kids) - Another great picture. It’s bright with a lot of movement, which makes you come across as fun. The inclusion of kids is a plus if you are looking for someone to date and potentially start a family with, and your smile is great, so you come across as a positive person.

Picture #3 (Lambo Shot) - Again, I love the brightness of this picture, and love that it shows a different side of you. It might come off a little arrogant, but I think you can get away with it because it is a cool picture and the car creates an immediate question in your future match’s mind: Is that his car?

Picture #4 (Night Portrait) - The lighting is great, even though it’s night. You look like you are thinking and have something worth saying. The skyline in the back indicates you are at a hip bar in a cool city, so it promises fun dates to potential matches.

Online Dating Screenshot

Picture #5 (Two Girls with Me.) - The last two pictures have a drastically different quality to them. I don’t love the lighting in this one, and pictures with girls are risky on dating profiles. I’m not convinced this picture is worth the risk, but I do think a standing candid group shot is a great picture to add to the mix you already have.

Picture #6 (Bar Photo) - This one has me on the fence. You are well lit and it does a good job of showing your interest in travel (it looks like you’re at a hostel to me) and being social. However, all of the glasses on the table stress me out. I will be completely honest and say that could be a personal thing, but the clutter on the table is extra obvious when compared to the cleanness of all your other pictures. It also makes you look like someone who wants to party more than someone who wants to travel. That might be what you are going for, but if it’s not, try substituting a more traditional travel shot. Pictures in front of famous tourist attractions are cliche, but they also provide an easy place for a potential match to connect with you and open a conversation. I almost always ask my matches about the places I see in their pictures.


I’m going to do line comments, then summarize my thoughts as a whole at the end. Your bio is in bold with comments underneath each section.

Visited 30 states and 4 countries in the last 9 months. Managed to avoid diarrhea each time.

This is a great opening. If travel is important to you and you travel this much, it needs to be upfront. This will increase your chances of matching with a potential travel buddy and decrease your chances of matching with a homebody who will slowly become more bitter the more you travel.

One thought -- I’m not a huge fan of the diarrhea joke. It shows a sense of humor, but I think that joke would be better in person. If you really want to keep it, I might close with it instead, so you aren’t immediately making your potential match associate you with stomach problems

Horrible misadventures include...

This is a funny opening to a list and lets your personality come through.

  • I once got lost & drunk, under paradise island during a company retreat. Woke up with bed full of Red, white, and Blue Tortilla Chips. Unexplained.

There are a few grammatical errors that force the reader to work a little harder to understand what you mean, and “Unexplained” feels abrupt; consider “Woke up with a bed full of patriotic tortilla chips and no explanation.”

  • Got a “Skin Exfoliating treatment” in China, which to my horror and surprise was a group of men in 1950’s navy sailors outfit

I’m not sure what the joke is that you’re trying to make. This story made me wonder if you had booked the treatment as an excuse to be touched by beautiful Chinese women and thinking about that too hard would probably make me swipe left.

  • Spent 6 hours in Manila hiding from a local gang, when my hotel refused to check me in.

This sounds like a great story, but I want more. Why were they after you?


Think about the ideal person you want to attract, and gear your profile specifically to your potential perfect match.

The list of misadventures shows your sense of humor, but you might have more luck alluding to this list and adding more information about who you are as a person. What kinds of activities are do you enjoy that a potential match might want to participate in? Misadventures are great first date material, but in a bio, they give the impression that your first date might be a misadventure, too. Consider, “Let me take you out for a drink and tell you about hiding out from a gang in Manila who wanted to [whatever they wanted from you].”

Cleaning up the grammar here will land you better matches. At a minimum, I would go through and fix your capitalization (capitalize places, don’t capitalize common nouns like colors or tortilla chips) and take the apostrophe out of 1950s. If you’re feeling extra, get rid of the ampersand and spell out your numbers, too!

Overall, I think you’ve crafted a profile that sends a clear message about who you are and what your interests are. Good luck as you rework your bio!

Rating Fakesteph’s Review

Okay so I’m pleasantly surprised.

With as bad as her own profile was… her advice was not too bad.

I’m not going to rate everything (because her review was so long…)

Instead I’m going to pull out a few notable pieces.

The final score at the end will be a full tally I did on a piece of paper to save time here.

  • Regarding the Lambo shot … “It might come off a little arrogant, but I think you can get away with it because it is a cool picture and the car creates an immediate question in your future match’s mind: Is that his car?”
    She caught on to two things I’m doing. First, I want to come off as a little arrogant. My profile is so friendly and arty that having an aggressive, polarizing shot is a good thing. Secondly, the best Tinder pictures are ones that make her ask questions.

  • Regarding my Bar photo… “It also makes you look like someone who wants to party more than someone who wants to travel.”
    Yes. I want to give women the impression I’m looking for something more fun/casual. I can do that visual rather than by literally typing out “looking for casual fun” which usually doesn’t work.

  • “If you’re feeling extra, get rid of the ampersand and spell out your numbers, too!”
    Here’s where we disagree. Your profile isn’t a formal essay. The danger of treating it like one is it will feel way too formal. Keep things simple and wabi-sabi. Unless you’re looking to attract grammar nazis.

Overall, her feedback was decent.

She also mentioned having a good call to action (CTA) about “Let me take you out for a drink and tell you about…”

I think that’s good advice.

Any piece of writing should have a good CTA.

As far as points, she racked up 16 points.

In other words, for every $1 you spend with Fakesteph you get $1.33 in value.

Not bad!

Rodrigolivaresr's Review

Online Dating Review

I have to admit, I didn’t expect these online dating profile reviews to be going so well.

Let’s see if we can keep the roll going.

Rodrigolivaresr promises the following:

  •  A new tinder profile with a new description, more attractive and representative of you.

  • A selection of your best photos, in the best order (because yes, order also matters)

  • As a limited offer, just because I'm new in fiverrr I will also retouch your photos to make you look awesome.

I decided to pass on the retouching.

Here’s how her review went:

Rodrigolivaresr’s Unedited Feedback

Bad profile review

Ok Marc, first of all, your profile is fine, shows your personality, it's fun, in general it is not advisable to use long profiles but yours matches your personality perfectly so it is an exception, about the photos, delete the photo with the two girls and the red car behind, it is the worst quality picture you have, it doesn't add any value, also, girls really don't like that kind of pictures with other girls except the ones who look natural and without you even noticed they were taking a picture (like the one in the sofa). 

It is important that the last picture shows you alone and is high quality, the most important photos are the first (which is what makes the girl want to slide, and the last one, which is the one that closes the deal (yes, the girls look are all the photos)

Your profile really doesn't need a lot of work, it's pretty good as it is.

Rating Rodrigolivaresr’s Review

I can translate her review like this: your profile is fine.

With a few bits of feedback, (like removing the photo of me with the two girls…)

This review otherwise doesn’t have a lot of value.

If my profile was fine and could have been left as it… why not refund my $7?!

Now how can I afford my Grande Starbucks Hot Matcha Latte?

First world problems…

1 point. For every $1 you spend, you get 0.14$ worth of value.


A Quick Recap of the Tinder Profile Reviews

Time for a break.


After taking a look at the Tinder profile reviews up to this point…

The advice has been more or less useful.

There’s a few suggestions that I think are questionable.

But not much has been dead wrong.

Putting aside Fiverr, this means something critically important:

Most of the “right moves” on Tinder are universal.

In other words, a lot of these suggestions will help you out.

Regardless of what girl you’re matching with.

Because most women have very similar opinions when it comes to men’s dating profiles.

Whether it be bios or photos.

Keep this in mind!

Anyhow, let’s move on to our last three reviews.

Stephiehuynh's Review

Tinder Photos and Bio Review

I’ve had my mid-day Capri-sun and I’m ready to blast back in to these reviews.

Lord help me, I hope they continue being more or less worth the money.

For science, damn it!

Steph promises she “will help decipher why you aren't getting those swipes to the right.

Send me your current photos and description and I will critique them for you on what can be done better.”

Fair enough!

Let’s see what she had to say.

Stephiehuynh's Unedited Feedback

Steph's Dating App Review

I would use the three pictures on the top as they portray the best light of who you are while giving them a good perception of how you look and that you have a fun loving spirit. 

I wouldn’t use the car picture as it comes off as presumptuous and arrogant. Any pictures with girls and groups are a no go since your dating profile is about you! Not about the people you know.

As for your profile I would talk more about your interests. You can keep the first statement as it shows your sense of humor although generally diarrhea is not an ideal topic to start with.

Your adventures should be saved for the first date or subsequent dates (: I would keep your profile light and positive (:

Rating Stephiehuynh's Feedback

Oy vey.

Steph’s feed back is flat out bad.

Dangerously bad.

Taking her advice would reduce all of the personality of my profile.

Your Tinder profile is not just about you.

It’s about your world.

Because that’s the world your match is going to be part of.

That world includes your experiences, the people that you know and love, the things you do.

As far as rating?

What do you want me to say.

For every $1 you spend, you lose about $5.

Maxobrien's Review

Dating Profile Review

Are things taking a turn for the worst?

I think they could be…

After-all, here’s the next description.

Complete with misspellings and all…

“I will Give your tinder profile a total reboot in order to increase matches and get truer matches to your prefrences. You should consider me because i used to be a daiting coach for 6 clients who are all now in relationships with there dream match.”


Then again I’m not known for great spelling either.

So maybe the content will be good?

Maxobrien’s Unedited Review

For your photos, you should replace some of your normal selfies with pictures of you smiling.

It is a proven fact both genders are attracted to people who smile and appear happy in their first profile picture and it makes them appear fun and bubbly.

As well as this you should really try to capture your personality in your photos more, remember your tinder should be a fun place of adventure!

Dating App on Phone

For your bio you really need to simplify it down, it is good you have talk points yet an effective tinder bio should only ever be around a paragraph long.

Also, i would remove your college from your tinder profile as well, People love mystery and it leaves you with more to talk about in the text messages.

As well as this, you should include your personality in your ending line as well as a friendly farewell, an example of this is "So if you are looking for a fun, adventure loving, spontaneous relationship, I could be the one for you."

I hope you can take on my improvements and find what you looking for!

I wish you luck and would really appreciate if you could leave a review on this gig, goodbye.

Rating Maxobrien's Feedback


You want me to hide my education on my profile?

To create mystery?

And you want me to tell all my good traits… rather than show them?

Well, Maxobrien, you’re going to get your wish.

Here’s my review on this gig: bad.

Listening to your advice is a great way to reduce my matches.

So I’ll swipe left.

For ever $1 spent you’re going to lose about $10.

Our worst review yet!

But there’s still hope.

We have one final review.

Maddyosman's Review

Why You Aren’t Getting Tinder Matches

It’s time for a redemption.

It’s time to end this article on a good note.

Let’s see if that’s possible.

Maddyosman remarks in her gig, that…

“As a girl, it's a little easier to match with men on dating apps than the opposite situation. But I know a lot about what works and what doesn't from my own experience!

If you order this gig, I'll tell you what's NOT WORKING on your Tinder profile (woman or man).”

Okay, cool.

Let’s see if she’s worth the $7.

Maddyosman’s Unedited Feedback:

Ok my suggestions:

1. Rearrange your photos in the order I've numbered them here. Get rid of the rest. These show off your best side. I'd sub in another group shot, but primarily made up of men - women don't like to wonder about the other women in your group photos and your relationships with them haha. It may also be beneficial to get a picture related to your love of cooking so that you can directly speak to your desire to match with someone who likes to cook and eat good food.

No Matches

2. I like the idea behind your bio - showing off your love of travel and adventure. But it's almost TMI. Maybe you could cut it down a bit in a way that invites conversation. Like, instead of listing out your experiences, maybe you could allude to one, and invite your matches to message you for even crazier stories? 

Also talking about diarrhea this early in the conversation may be a little too uh, familiar for the average woman XD.

Also make sure to talk about WHO you want to match with, as you told me :) Talk about your love of food and art and wanting to share these experiences with someone else.

Reviewing Maddyosman’s Feedback:

Alright, so I’ve read it over.

Maybe I’m just exhausted from going over all these Tinder reviews…

Maybe I’m just tired of Fiverr.

But at this point, what do I feel?

Not much…

So, with a swipe of apathy, I’ll wave my blogger wand and rate it as “meh.”

Her feedback was fine.

Nothing ground breaking.

Generic advice.

And I really don’t like her advice about cutting down my experiences.

But again, all of this just shows you that different profiles will attractive different kinds of women.

We’ll talk more about this soon.

First off: for every $1 you spend on Maddyosman, you’ll get about $0.50 in value back.

Tinder Profile Expirement Final Thoughts.

After $54 later, I walked away surprised:

  • The good feedback was actually pretty good!

  • And there wasn’t at much harmful feedback as I would have expected.

That said, if you’re not very familiar with giving Tinder Advice…

You’d have no way to know what the good advice or that bad advice was.

Some of the feedback here was in direct violation of basic principals on Tinder.

The Key Lesson

But there is one key lesson that this Tinder profile experiment proves:

If you want to succeed, you need to Niche down.

You need to build a profile to attract a specific kind of girl.

Rather than just going for a boring generalized profile.

For example, a few of the reviewers got hung up on the diarrhea joke.

What they didn’t realize is that is in there for a very specific purpose.

That’s my kind of humor.

I don’t want to match with a girl who won’t like my humor.

We’ll never get along, and it will be a big waste for everyone.

A big, smelly, messy waste.

By including that joke I can prescreen girls who I’ll get along with.

It’s so important to construct your profile to attract the kind of girl you want.

That’s why there is no one “best” Tinder profile.

And why most generic copy and paste profiles don’t work.

It can be better to have a profile that only gets one match a week.

Versus a profile that gets a match every day.

Because if that one weekly match will go crazy for you…

Because she feels like you’re 1 in a million…

That’s so much better than 7 matches that are luke warm about you.

Remember, be polarizing.

Resources to Build a Solid Online Dating Profile.

Before I let you off the hook, first I want to give you some tools to hit the ground running.

And start making an online dating profile that doesn’t just get matches.

But gets the right kind of matches.

First Off, Watch this Video.

You’ll get a ton of actionable tips to creating a solid online dating profile.

By looking at the real profiles of other Zirby readers.

It’s important to see profiles that have problems.

So you can recognize if you share any of the same issues.

Easy fix!

Next, Read these Blog Posts.

Here are two blog posts you need to read.

They will cover how to move forward in building your profiles and bio.

If you don’t have the time to read these guides now, book mark them.

They are required reading for dating apps.

Finally, Unlock Tinder 10X.

If you haven’t heard already, Tinder 10X is my step-by-step course.

All of the actual techniques and strategies that I use to make my actual Tinder profile are there.

  1. No matter what you look like (I’m an overweight 5’6 guy with a man bun…)

  2. No matter where you live (10X has been used in the US, India, Asia…)

  3. And no matter your past results… (we have a no-risk guarantee.)

You will get more matches with 10X.

Here’s just a few samples of what’s covered in Tinder 10X:

  • Do Looks Matter on Tinder?

  • Can I get Huge Results even if I’m short/overweight/etc (Hint: Yes.)

  • What are the Metrics for Success on Tinder?

  • Are there and “magic bullets” I can use to get more matches?

  • Learn the secret to having a Profile Picture that women simply can’t pass up on.

  • Write a bio to make women message YOU first.

  • Find out my strategies to get Girls connect with you faster on dates.

  • Learn how to send effective first messages.

  • The importance of the Tinder Algorithm, and how to make it work in your favor.

After your give your pictures and bio an overhaul then you can post a screenshot of it in our Private Facebook group.

You’ll get your own Tinder profile review from a collection of over 3,000 other guys.

Who all have their own tips and hacks for getting more matches.

We’ll see you inside.

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