Does Tinder Notify Screenshots? (2019 update)

Does Tinder Notify Screenshots? | Zirby Tinder Tips

So you’ve got a Tinder match.

You chat. And the conversation is amazing...

Or maybe it's going terrible.

Either way, you take a screenshot of it.

And then suddenly a fear strikes your gut.

The “snapchat” fear.

Will Tinder notify her that you just took a screenshot of her profile or convo?

The "Screenshot" Fear

Does Tinder send a notification to the person you’re chatting with?

If you want to snap awkward convos to post on meme pages

Or post in (our free) Facebook group for feedback…

First you need to know if you’re safe doing so.

We've divided this up in to two sections.

Profile screenshot. And Conversation Screenshot.

Here's where things are at:

Can someone see if you screenshot their profile?

No worrying required.

Tinder does not notify a user if someone takes a screenshot of their profile.

Screenshot of a Tinder Profile | Zirby Tinder Tips

Can someone see if you screenshot the convo?

Here’s the more important question.

Considering a Tinder convo is private there’d be a flag if you take a screenshot of it.

This is not the case.

There is no notification of any kind of taking a screenshot of a Tinder conversation.

Unlike Snapchat or Instagram.

So for now, fire away.

Screenshot of a Tinder Conversation | Zirby Tinder Tips

Share Your Screenshots

In any event, if you do decide to take a screenshot, you’re welcome to post it in our free Online Dating Facebook group.

Specifically for feedback, or advice.

If women aren't responding well to your messages we can help figure out why.

If Tinder Changes It’s Policy…

At any moment, Tinder might change their mind.

And start to notify users of screenshots.

This article is up to date (2019.)

We’ll change the article here the minute it happens.

So if you’re reading this, know that you’re in the clear.

Marc Falzon

Marc Falzon

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