Not Getting Tinder Matches? Delete Your Tinder Profile.

Notice you're not getting any Tinder matches recently? You see fewer hot women. You’re not getting messages back. And getting a Tinder Date? Rare if ever. Chances are you made a mistake along the way, but you can start fresh by deleting your Tinder profile. We’ll help you decide if that’s a good idea or not. This is one Tinder tip you don’t want to miss...

Not Getting Tinder Matches? Delete Your Tinder Profile.

Should you Delete your Tinder?

The answer has everything to do with a secret internal desirability score that the Tinder app itself determines. This score (known as your ‘Elo score’) is based both on your activity on Tinder, and the way that other people respond to your Tinder profile.

It’s important to acknowledge that we don’t exactly know everything that goes into your Tinder Elo score, but we know that it exists.

Jonathan Badeen, Tinder’s VP of Product compared it to the video game “Warcraft,” and Data Analyst Chris Dumler called it a “vast voting system.” 

We also know that it plays a crucial role in determining who sees your profile, and when they see it. And as you’re going to find out, when a girl on Tinder sees your Tinder Profile is very important...

Why Your Elo Score Matters

We’ve discussed a few times in the past why you should never always swipe right on Tinder. To sum up: the Tinder Elo score exists to keep Tinder’s most valuable users (desirable women) happy, and active on the app.

How does Tinder keep desirable women happy? By showing them, desirable men. It’s really that simple. But desirable doesn’t simply mean attractive. More on that soon.

We know for certain that if you have a higher Elo score, your profile is more likely to:

  • Appear in front of women who also have high Elo scores.
  • Appear more quickly in front of women with high Elo scores.

This second point is extra important because hot girls on Tinder match with nearly every guy that they swipe right on; in fact a 2016 study showed that the average woman gets nearly 20 times more Tinder matches than the average man! (Duh, right?)

This means that they’re likely to swipe fewer times per day,  so if you want to have any chance of matching with them, you’ll need to be high in their queue.

A Match on Tinder

Quick Example: A typical hot girl might have 500 potential matches in their Queue. Because she matches with effectively every guy, she might only swipe on a few guys every day - or less.

If you’re last in Queue, there’s a very good chance she simply will never see your Tinder profile. She won’t be on the market for years... or decades. You need a high Tinder Elo score!

What Effects Your Elo Score?

No one ones for sure.

Well, maybe the Tinder CEO, Sean Rad.

Even he admits “It’s very complicated. It took us two and a half months just to build the algorithm because a lot of factors go into it.”

But we can make educated guesses. First, let’s make an important point: the Tinder Elo score doesn’t measure how attractive you are, it measures how desirable you are.

Let me say that again, the Tinder elo score doesn’t measure how attractive you are, it measures how desirable you are.

Desirable means...

  • You’ve filled out your Tinder bio, education, and employment information.
  • You have a higher percentage of women swiping right on you.
  • Women with high elo scores swipe right on you.
  • You always message the people that you match with, in a timely matter.
  • The people that you message usually message you back.
  • You’re discerning about who you swipe right on.

Tinder Elo Score Action Plan

Now, the percentage of women that swipe right on you is, to some degree, outside of your control. But the vast majority of the things that affect your Elo score are partially or completely within your grasp.

  • If you haven’t filled out your profile information.
  • If you’ve got poor quality photos.
  • If you’ve been swiping right on everyone.
  • If you haven’t been messaging the people you match with.
  • If you’ve been sending lame lines to the people that you match with (and therefore they haven’t been messaging you back... you probably have a bad Elo score.

But… what if you’ve been doing everything wrong with your Online dating? Well...

Then You Should Delete Your Tinder Profile!

You know if you’ve been breaking the rules above. If so, then deleting your Tinder profile gives your online dating career a fresh lease on life.

Bad Opening Message
Guy with no Tinder bio.
Nintendo 64 Tinder Picture

If not, don’t be so quick to delete your Tinder profile. After all, it does take time to develop your Elo score, and you don’t want to waste it if it’s working in your favor…

You can think of your Elo score like a game of Monopoly. It takes a long time to develop. Do you really want to quit after 2 hours in? Well, if you’re really sure that you’re going to lose, then yes!

If you’ve been doing things that damage your Elo score you might want to just start fresh.

No cute women on Tinder?

In general, Tinder is going to show you women that it thinks are about as desirable as you are, so if you’re not happy with who you see, that could be a good indicator that you should delete your profile and restart.

Also, when you do restart, we have a free Tinder making course that you’ll want to take a look at. It will help you build a Tinder profile that women swipe right for.

Just One More Reason to Delete Your Tinder Profile.

If you live in an area that’s sparsely populated, even if you’ve been following best practices, you might want to delete your profile once a year.

This’ll give you an opportunity to get in front of hot women who swiped left on you before.

Now you’ll have a chance to make a new Tinder profile with a new bio, and a new photos so there’s a chance she’ll swipe right on you this time around.

But if you live in New York, fugettahboutit.. There are more women in your city than you can possibly go through to match with. Focus on the big wins.

With all that said...

If you're still unsure what's going on with your Tinder results, I'd love to invite you to join our 100% private Own Your Online Dating Facebook group. When you join, post up your Tinder profile and let us know what's not working - maybe the other members or I - can diagnose what's happening.

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Happy Tindering!