How to Message Girls with Boring or Empty Tinder Bios

As you're swiping through Tinder, you might have noticed that a disproportionate number of girls on Tinder who have boring or empty Tinder bios - and often few or straight out poor photos. What's the deal?

It turns out that coming across a girl with a boring or empty bio on Tinder isn't a bad thing. You can use it as an opportunity to stand of from everyone else.

 Q&A: Why don't girls on Tinder have Bios?

Q&A: Why don't girls on Tinder have Bios?

I want to both answer your question, and tell you exactly how to message a girl when she has a blank profile.

First, why do women have blank profiles anyway?

Here's the cold hard truth: it’s just not necessary for a woman to write a bio on Tinder.

The reality is, having a bio or not won't affect the number (or quality) of messages she will receive. Most guys send boring messages either way.

While this might seem like a negative, it’s actually a positive. There is a reason that the minority of men on Tinder get the majority of results. And, like me, you’re going to be in that pool now (assuming you weren’t already.)

So, how can we effectively message a girl with no bio?

If we put ourselves in the shoes of women on Tinder, a common frustration of online dating is “no one actually reads my bio,” “everyone just wants to hook up,” “all these men are desperate.”

It’s impossible not to think this. Women receive a flood of impressional, boring messages from men. To give you an idea of actual numbers, some women receive over 34 messages a day. The vast majority of those messages will be variations of "Hey, what's up, hi."

And that's if they are lucky. We had a female guest writer share some of her experience with Tinder. This is the kind of messages she got. Yikes.

The key to success then is customization.

While Tinder is a numbers game, you can greatly stack the odds in your favor by putting in just a few minutes work of customization. From Roulette to Poker.

The customization doesn’t have to be amazing. She doesn’t expect it to be - especially if she isn’t putting in a bio to make your life easier.

Instead, look at her images. Choose something from it that “jumps out at you.” Reference that thing in her first message - no matter how small or seemingly insignificant.

To make it even easier, we wrote a guide with real screenshots of successful Tinder conversations showing how to message women with boring profiles.

If you can take that “thing” and also relate it to you, or manage to find a (very) short story, an instance of wit, or joke to incorporate it in - that’s all the more power in your hands.

Best of luck, and for more help, come join our 100% private Facebook Group with other Zirby readers. If you get stuck, post up a screenshot of her profile to get freeback on what your opening message should be.