Best Dating Apps of 2019 (Besides Tinder...)

Best Dating Apps of 2019

You already know Tinder.


But what else is out there?

And more importantly, why should you care?

You know how there are different types of bars, right?

Cocktail bars, dive bars, night clubs, sport bars…

Each kind of bar is going to have different types of people on it.

Dating apps work the same way.

Different types of girls will be on different apps.

In this article we’ve broken down the best Online Dating apps of 2019.

So you don’t have to sort through the 1,000’s that spring up every year.

(And yes, that’s a real statistic.)

Here’s our list, skip to what you want for the ‘deets.

How Online Dating Apps Differ

Like I mentioned before, each dating app draws a different crowd.

My goal here isn’t only to give a run down of the app…

But also tell you the type of girl that’s on the app.

This is completely subjective.

So if you disagree, or have had difference experiences, tell me in the comments.

I want to hear your feedback, and I reply to every comment.


OkCupid Mobile Dating App

This dating app is easy to understand.

If you're creating a profile on the app, you will need an Instagram account.

OkCupid allows you to answer compatibility questions to rate how good of a match you are with any profile you come across.

This… is effectively useless.

In fact, OkCupid has turned their back on this gimmick.

Now it allows you to swipe right or left with their “double take” feature.

But the important thing is that “compatibility” mentality still exists.

So I’ve found women on OkCupid tend to be more interested in relationships.

OkCupid Dating App Message

Do people still use OkCupid?

Short answer: yes.

As of 2016, 7+ Million messages were sent.

And even more impressive, since 2018 there has been a 20% increase of female users.

This also coincides with my personal experiences.

I find OkCupid to be a gold mine of women that are frustrated with Tinder.

A gold mine, by the way, that is growing in female availability.

Not stagnating. Not shrinking.

AKA, the app is FAR from dead.

And now that you know the secret, you can cash in.“


OkCupid’s Story

In 2001, this dating app launched and seemed to grab a lot of attention.

The dating app has the number one position for personality tests.

It was first named SparkMatch.

Soon after, it was renamed OkCupid…

In general OKC is marketed towards young adults who are just graduating from college.

So… that’s the kind of girl you’re going to find on the app.

OkCupid is internationally recognized as the launcher of more dating apps.

OkCupid Key Points

  • In a Nutshell: The OG Dating app, still going strong.

  • Cost: Free to use.

  • Type of women: College girls looking for relationships or short tern hookups.

  • Go to their website.

Quiz Dating Live

Quiz Date Live Mobile Dating App

A very different approach to Online Dating, and I find that pretty cool.

On this app, you compete with other users to win a date with a Quiz Date Live member.

Again, very different.


Here’s how the quiz dating app works:

Every night the questions are live streamed.

And if you’re participating, you can introduce yourself while prepping to answer.

The quiz is divided in to rounds.

Get all the questions right, and you move on.

Eventually it’s narrowed down to the top 3 and you can showcase a skill live.

Basically, a talent show at the end of the quiz.

The winners are chose, and a date is put together.

You both end on a date in Manhattan - broadway or even helicopter flights.

But here’s the crazy part:

The date is paid for by Quiz Date Live.

Quiz Date Live Screenshot

Who Uses Quiz Date Live?

Basically anyone who used HQ Trivia.

Don’t expect to find any girls that are that serious about dating.

… Or women that are even single.

They are probably just looking for a free vacation.

But like I said before, the app is still cool.

So while this isn’t your new standby in place of Tinder…

It’s probably worth playing every night.

If nothing else, to troll a live audience during the talent show portion…

Got ‘em!

Quiz Date Live Key Points

  • In a Nutshell: Think Double Dare meets weird video dating ads from the 90s.

  • Cost: Free to use.

  • Type of women: It’s a game show… Don’t think your success rate is going to be high enough to matter.

  • Go to their iTunes App.

Coffee Meets Bagel

Coffee Meets Bagel Mobile Dating App

Think Tinder, but you only get one profile every 24 hours to swipe on.

If you choose to keep your bagel (right swipe)…

Then you will connect with whoever the "owner" is.

Now I know what you’re thinking…

“Only 1 Match a day?”

Yeah, and believe it or not, that’s exactly why the app works in favor of men.

Why CMB is my Favorite Online Dating App…

Believe it or not, this is my favorite dating app right now.

Because it really doesn’t matter how many guys are on the platform.

The female users are never going to be overwhelmed.

In fact, they are going to want to see lots of new guys, and thus are more willing to match.

Online Dating Statistics Female Users Infographic

Online dating is 52.4% men, and 47.6 women.

… And in some states it’s as bad as 8 men for every 2 women.

(Check out our comprehensive Tinder guide for more details on that.)

The biggest problem with online dating for men is the signal to noise ratio.

And Coffee Meets Bagel completely eliminates that.

You get one match with a higher chance to match, and a higher reply rate.

That’s a win in my book.

And… that’s not anecdotal.

The data says that Coffee Meets Bagel has the highest percentage (57.3%) of female users of any dating app.

Well… besides Christian Mingle, but who the hell would count that?

Coffee Meets Bagel Key Points

  • In a Nutshell: One match a day, with more female users than men.

  • Cost: Free to use.

  • Type of women: College educated girls looking for a very serious relationship.

  • Go to their website.


Match Mobile Dating App

I would normally never consider Match as a possibility for Online Dating.

At least the kind of Online Dating you and I do.

(e.g. Dating people younger than 40.)

In fact, as far as the age of their members is concerned…

12.4% of users on are ages 18-29, while a whopping 52.3% are that are range on Tinder.

But my opinion has changed over the past year or so.

Part of that is due to their new ad campaign which rebrands them as a service for Younger daters.

If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s on YouTube ads all the time.

The newer figures show that a younger audience is coming in to the app.

According to Match, 31% of their members are Millennials (ages 24-38) now.

Also, if you didn’t know already, Match owns Tinder, OkCupid, PlentyOfFish and more…

What is all About.

Okay, full disclaimer, I’ve never used personally.

But that doesn’t really matter because the information they publish is pretty transparent.

See, Match is geared to finding serious relationships.

And most of the users are college educated women — looking to settle down.

(91% have, or are getting, a degree.)

So if you’re in the market for a stable long term relationship or marriage, Match is actually pretty viable.

That’s just not what I want, personally.

How Match Works.

The sign-up process is very simple.

You have to add photos and answer questions about who you would love to date.

It goes into detail about your preferences in friends and a lover.

There is a fee that comes along with Match.

For new dating app users, Match requires for you to pay a $21 per month membership fee.

Which really isn’t far off from what you’re going to pay on Tinder.

The difference is, you’re going to need to cough that up the use the app.

But the catch is, you may meet someone that is really serious about a relationship on there.

Remember, women are paying too.

Which means there are no bots and less catfish. Key Points

  • In a Nutshell: The ultimate for finding long term relationships.

  • Cost: $21 per month to use.

  • Type of women: College educated girls looking for a very serious relationship.

  • Go to their website.


Bumble Mobile Dating App

Bumble is pretty popular for a reason.

It (similar to Coffee Meets Bagel) flips Online Dating upside.

And puts the power in the hands of the women.

This prevents girls from getting fatigued like they do on Tinder.

Interesting note, both CMB and Bumble are founded by women…

Women message first on Bumble.

Well… Kinda…

The Bumble Strategy

Okay, so you get a match on Bumble.

And if the girl likes you, she’ll message you first.


Don’t confuse this as the first message!

A lot of guys have trouble on Bumble — admittedly I did at first too — because they make that fatal mistake.

Here’s the thing, when a girl message you first on Bumble it’s going to be a sucky message.

“Hey” or “Hi”

… And the reason is, women simply don’t need to be creative because with Online Dating they are in a buyers market.

So when you get your first message from a girl on Bumble…

You still need to follow the SEQUEL Opening Message guide we published.

(Yes, it’s free.)

This is the actual method I use to send Opening Lines that get her attention.

By doing this, you have the best chance getting her off Bumble for a date.

Instead of having a girl message you, you message back and she ghosts.

If that’s happened to you before, now you know why.

Bumble Case Study

I came across an amazing case study about Bumble on Reddit.

Here are the key points:

After matching, women message 25% of the time (and, by all accounts, the message quality is awful).

My estimate is that 15-30% of the time, this moves from one message to a phone number/date. No great stats that I could find.

Again, if you rely on Women sending the “first” message you’re going to do poorly on the app.

When she writes you, just ignore her “hey” and send you OWN opening line.

Just like the SEQUEL Method goes in to…

Choose something from her profile or photo and make a custom line from it.

So long as you follow my guide, it will be easy.

God speed.

Haven’t heard of it?

It’s because you’re not cool enough.

Don’t worry, I’m not either.

Bumble Key Points

  • In a Nutshell: In Soviet Russia, women message YOU first.

  • Cost: Free to use.

  • Type of women: Similar to Tinder, but perhaps a little more picky… but a little more down to hang.

  • Go to their website.


Raya Mobile Dating App

Raya is an online dating / networking / online community of people that have a “little extra.”

And no, we’re not talking about "thicc.”

It’s a members only community of people who are high performing, highly creative, or unique in some way.

Unlike the league - which is based on material success - Raya is not.

In fact, excessive displays of money are against their membership guidelines.

How Raya Works

Raya is a members-only site that wants everyone to find a love interest.

It's also known to give you a "social boost."

Although this may be true, this dating app allows you to go into detail about yourself.

It also helps others know how you are as a person.

The catch with Raya is that you have to be approved to use the dating app.

After your approval, there's a monthly fee of $8 that you have to pay.

Simply put?

This dating app is for finding business-minded individuals who want to have a social life.

Think You’ll Be accepted?

Hate to break it to you, but probably not.

At 8% acceptance, you have a better chance of getting in to Harvard.

So why bring it up?

Well, because if you do get in, it’s probably well worth that $8.

Because you’re preselected with intelligent, attractive women who will see you as “above” the rest of guys on earth.

And considering Zirby has over 4 million readers a year…

That means a good 320,000 thousand of you can put in a good word for me when you do get in.

Raya Key Points

  • In a Nutshell: Part dating app, part illuminati.

  • Cost: $8 a month.

  • Type of women: High society creatives looking for deep social connections.

  • Go to their website.


Happn Mobile Dating App

The perfect app for large cities.

… And the worst app for the suburbs.

Happn’s main feature is everything ties in to the GPS.

It’ll show you who’s currently around you, and who’s been around you.

Which is different from Tinder - which lets you search anyone within a given radius.

With Happn you really needed to have crossed paths.

Happn Online Dating App Map Screenshot

Is the GPS worth all the fuss?

You’re out at your local pub, and you get a notification that a cute girl named Hillary is at the same bar as you.

So you take a look at her profile, scan the bar, and walk over to introduce yourself to her.

“Hey, I’m Donald. It’s great to meet you. Really great. The greatest.”

But in reality, what would really happen?

  1. You probably wouldn’t check Happn to see if someone happens to be there with you.

  2. If you did, you probably wouldn’t approach her without messaging first.

Because - here’s a surprise - if you wanted to approach Hillary you’d have done so without an app “giving you permission” to approach.

At first glance Happn is just Tinder with a tighter radius.

But here’s the trick up its sleeve:

Happn is about Second Chances.

The one feature of Happn that makes it shine is how the GPS feature really works.

Every-time you cross paths with someone, their profile will show up again.

You effectively have your own interactive map of everywhere you’ve been.

And you can see how many times you’ve crossed paths with someone.

And that’s pretty cool.

A girl who saw your profile the first time might pass over you.

But after you’ve “crossed paths” 6 or 7 times, she might give you a chance.

We want to [give our users a chance] to interact or not with a person, to take their time to decide, to be able to move back in their timeline if suddenly they change their mind and want to have a second chance.
— Didier Rappaport, Happn Founder via Tech Crunch

Happn Key Points

  • In a Nutshell: Connect with people you’ve crossed paths with.

  • Cost: Free to use if you both match.

  • Type of women: High society creatives looking for deep social connections.

  • Go to their website.


Hinge Mobile Dating App

Want to piss off some of your old exes?

Do it with Hinge.


Well, maybe…

Hinge has you match with friends of friends via Facebook.

So - they theory is - you don’t interact with complete strangers.

But people who are vetted by being in your extended network.

Hinge May Open Doors

Because you’re only match with Facebook friends’ friends…

There’s a better chance that a girl will meet up with you.

As one of the primary concerns for women on online dating is, “will he kill me?”

With some accountability, that’s less likely with Hinge.

An Online Dating App with a Shelf Life

As nice as this feature is, it’s also it’s limitation.

You only have as many potential matches as you have friends of friends…

Who are both in your area, and have Hinge too.

That pool can dry up fast.

Hinge is aware of this, too.

Which is why their tagline is “Designed to be Deleted.”

As in: You’ll find a relationship and can delete Hinge.

And that’s just not talk, either.

Hinge New York Times Marriage Section

Hinge is the most mentioned dating app in NYTimes wedding section according to dating site reviews.

It’s an online dating app with a shelf life.

Unlike Tinder which is for sustained hookups.

It’s a good approach, I think, for Online Dating.


Hinge Key Points

  • In a Nutshell: Only connect with friends of friends.

  • Cost: $7 a month.

  • Type of women: Women looking for a relationship within their own social circle.

  • Go to their website.

The League

The League Mobile Dating App

Like Raya, the League is an exclusive dating app.

With a 10-20% success rate, it’s a little easier to gain access to Raya.

The League focuses on people who are outstanding in their career or field.

The idea is to create a network of high value individuals.

And if you gain access, it’s probably worth your while.

Because when you have a gate keeper like that it means the experience is curated.

Thus… higher response rates, and a better female to male ratio.

(And also the highest concentration of Ivy-League users.)

How the League Works

Once you gain access you will have up to 7 people that you can match with, every day.

The day activity on this app is called The Happy Hour.

In addition to the dating aspect, there’s also the social networking aspect of the League.

The League is worth the investment if you are looking for upper-middle-class people to talk to.

This app is great for people who are licensed professionals, such as doctors, lawyers, judges, and professional athletes. 

… You know the type.

The League Key Points

  • In a Nutshell: Exclusive online dating app open to only the brightest.

  • Cost: Anywhere from $0 to $1,000 a month.

  • Type of women: Upper crust, intelligent, and Ivy looking for something real.

  • Go to their website.

Marc's Personal Favorite Online Dating App

Have we met?

If not, hey. I’m Marc & you’re reading my blog.

Even though Zirby is known for Tinder Advice

You might be surprised to learn that Tinder is not my favorite app for dating.

Although it’s a close second.

Personally, I’ve had a lot of success meeting the type of women I find the most attractive.

And that app is CMB.

And so far, that’s been Coffee Meets Bagel.

They seem to have gotten down the perfect blend of:

  • Restricting swiping to one a day.

  • Adding urgency to the convos before they are automatically closed.

  • Encouraging intelligent female users.

All three of these elements help men, tremendously.

Here’s how:

  • Less females get burned out and leave the app because you only get one match.

  • No endless conversations that fizzle out since it’s under a time constraint.

  • Better females means dates are… better. (Yikes, I can write better than that!)

What’s Yours?

What’s your favorite Online Dating app?

Let me know in the comments below.

I’ll respond to every comment that comes in.

I’m curious to see if there are any apps that I missed that I should check out.

Afterall, there are new apps that come out every single day.

There’s bound to be a few good ones.

But let’s just promise to skip Grindr for the time being…

Marc Falzon Zirby

Marc Falzon

Marc is the founder of Zirby, the world’s most read Tinder & Online Dating resource, with over 4 million readers a year. You can reach out to Marc via email here, or follow him on Instagram.