The 5 Best Cameras for Tinder in 2019

The 5 Best Cameras For Tinder in 2019

This blog post will cover the best 5 cameras for taking Tinder photos.

You’ll see not only what the best Cameras are…

But also the situations they really shine in.

Let’s roll.

What Makes Me the Expert?

By now you probably know that Zirby is the world’s most popular Tinder blog.

With over 3,600,000 readers every year.

But what you might not know is that outside of Zirby I’m (Marc) a Photographer!

This is great news for you.

As — no matter what your budget it is — I’ll show you how to use what you’ve got.

Also, you might want to check out our blog post on 3 common Tinder Photo mistakes guys make.

It will give you a primer on what a good Tinder photo is like.

Before you invest in your new camera.

And big thanks to David Bond for sharing some images with me for this post.

Tinder Camera Score

Here’s how this is going to work.

I’ll be giving each camera a score.

Of 1-to-3 points for each of 3 categories.

  • Portability.

  • Easy of Use.

  • Image quality.

While each camera has it’s pros and cons…

I still want to find out what the best camera is for Tinder.

And this score will help us figure that out.

If you want to skip right to the results, you can do that here.

The Fuji XH-1

Fuji XH-1 Tinder Photo Example

Why the XH-1 is the Best Camera for Tinder

Best for your Profile photo.

As the XH-1 produces rich colors, and a deep depth of field.

The effect?

Highlighting you with a blurred soft background.

Fuji XH-1 Camera

Pros & Cons of the Fuji XH-1


  • Light weight, weather proof.

  • Perfect for video.

  • Excellent image quality.


  • Can’t fit in your pocket.

  • Expensive & Requires Lens

  • Requires knowledge of photography.


What Makes the XH-1 so Great for Tinder?

We’re starting the list with the Fuji XH-1.

Which you can see an example shot from above.

Significantly more affordable than the Sony A7iii.

And more importantly, more optimized for Video with a moving sensor.

Which means there’s no need for a stabilizer when using the Fuji XH-1.

The photo quality is tip top here, and you’re paying for it.

But if you’re new to photography, you’ll do just fine shooting everything in auto.

What I love most about this camera is how future proof it is for your Tinder profile.

As video becomes more and more important in Online Dating…

You’ll have a camera well suited for capturing Loops.

Not to mention my favorite strategy of sending videos of myself doing cool things with girls after I get their number.

Tinder Camera Score

Portability - Is it easy to carry with you?

  • 2 points out of 3.

Easy of Use - Is it easy to use?

  • 1 point out of 3.

Image quality - How great are the images?

  • 3 points out of 3.

The DJI Mavic Air

What Camera to Use on Tinder

Where Mavic Air Shines on Tinder

Best for photos 4 through 9.

These photos should highlight your passions.

Places you’ve traveled.

The exciting lifestyle you live (or you at least suggest you live!)

And the Mavic air can’t be beat here.


Pros and Cons of the DJI Mavic Air


  • Easy to transport.

  • Unreal shots taken from impossible angles.

  • Will give your profile a lot of flair.


  • Not something you’ll casually have on you.

  • More work involved to get a photo.

  • Expensive, and a uni-tasker.

DJI Mavic Pro Camera Drone

Get Attention with Views Never Seen Before


How can a Drone be one of the best cameras for Tinder?

Well, as it turns out, for a lot of reasons.

First off, this camera can obviously go where no other camera can.

Which can net you some seriously impressive shots.

And, unlike the other cameras, you don’t need a friend or tripod to shoot.

The Mavic Air can fit in basically any bag and travel with you anywhere.

Here’s a great tinder tip for you:

Shoot in slow motion with the drone.

That way it will be easier to snag screenshots out of the video clip.

And freeze frame yourself looking best.

I intend to experiment more with using my drone as a camera for Tinder.

I’m sure it can be used with Tinder Loops too.

Tinder Camera Score

Portability - Is it easy to carry with you?

  • 1.5 points out of 3.

Easy of Use - Is it easy to use?

  • 2 points out of 3.

Image quality - How great are the images?

  • 1 point out of 3.

The GoPro Hero 7

What Makes the Hero 7 a Perfect Camera for Tinder

Use the GoPro Hero 7 for your 2nd photo… your group shot.

Because of it’s wide angle.

You’ll be able to be the center of the photo.

As well as maximize the number of your friends who can fit in the shot.

Using GoPro Hero 7 with Tinder

Pros and Cons of the GoPro Hero 7


  • Great for travel photos / video.

  • Durable, light, and weightless.

  • Makes solid selfies.


  • Easy to forget a photo mode exists at all.

  • Marginally better than a cell-phone for image quality.


The Best Camera for Showing Your Adventures

You wouldn’t use your GoPro Hero 7 for your Profile photo.

But you sure as hell would use it for your others.

This camera works great for group shots.

Or shots of you traveling.

The new features in the 7 optimize the color of the images to be bright and colorful.

Which captures attention when girls are swiping through your profile.

They say that the best camera is the camera you have on you.

And the size of the 7 makes this an easy win.

My friend David and I use the photo features of the GoPro Hero 7 often.

It’s so under rated, but is a powerful tool for getting matches.


Use this camera for travel shots, especially outdoors during the day.

That’s where you can get really beautiful shots like the one you see in the example above.

Tinder Camera Score

Portability - Is it easy to carry with you?

  • 3 points out of 3.

Easy of Use - Is it easy to use?

  • 3 point out of 3.

Image quality - How great are the images?

  • 1.5 points out of 3.

The Canon 80D

Great Vlogging and Tinder Camera

Why I Love the Canon 80D for Tinder

The Canon 80D is similar to the XH-1.

Use it for your profile photo or body shot.

Both of which your profile needs.


Pros and Cons of the 80D


  • Very affordable.

  • Great image quality.

  • Perfect for creating Vlogs, if that’s your thing.

  • Flip-screen so you can see yourself Vlogging.


  • Somewhat bulky.

  • Requires a lens.

  • Some knowledge of photography is required.

Canon 80 Camera

The Perfect Camera of Tinder and Vlogging.

The Canon 80D is a DSLR.

Which means it’s a bit more clunky than the streamline mirrorless cameras that are popular in 2019.

Still, don’t write off the 80D yet.

This camera has been a staple of the YouTube Vlogging world for years.

It’s tested and tried, by creators such as Casey Neistat.

And because of this, the 80D is seriously affordable.

I still have two of these cameras today that I use to make videos for the Zirby YouTube channel.

It’s also the camera I used to create the Man-Bun profile picture of myself.

Which, to date, has been one of my most effective pictures on Tinder.

Despite everything that would tell you otherwise.

What I love about this camera is it’s like the XH-1 in image quality.

Just a bit more bulky, yet more expensive.

Which can be a great trade off.

And unlike the XH-1, the 80D has a flip screen.

Which makes all the difference with Vlogging.

Tinder Camera Score

Portability - Is it easy to carry with you?

  • 1.5 points out of 3.

Easy of Use - Is it easy to use?

  • 1 point out of 3.

Image quality - How great are the images?

  • 3 points out of 3.

The iPhone

Using an iPhone for your Tinder Photo

Why the iPhone is a Good Camera for Tinder.

The power of the iPhone is it’s utility.

It does a fair job capturing photos of your passions and hobbies.

Usually used for photos 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9.

Using iPhone for Online Darting Photos

Pros and Cons of the iPhone


  • You always have the camera with you.

  • Under the right conditions, the photos can look pretty good.


  • Generally poor image quality.

  • Easy to fall in the “selfie trap.”


Getting the Most Out of Your iPhone

The entire point of this article is to create a list of the best cameras for Tinder.

And if you’ve read our other articles, like the one on Tinder Selfies

You know that I’m not exactly thrilled about using iPhones for your Online Dating profile.

But my feelings are second to the objective reality of iPhones:

You always have them.

And any camera is better than none.

The problem with the iPhone is the how flat the images look.

Recently, there has been software to help mitigate this.

Thought it often leaves the images looking crusty at the edges.

With that said, here are my…

3 tips to make iPhone photos look good on your Tinder.

  1. Take the photo outside with cloudy light. If it’s sunny the photo will be too contrasty.

  2. Think about what’s around you: the photo is flat so everything in the background will be just as clear as you are.

  3. Don’t take a selfie. Have your friend take the photo of you.

You can see in my example photo (taken with an iPhone) I follow these three rules.

And the result is a photo that works for Tinder.

And it looks like it was taken with a high end camera.

Tinder Camera Score

Portability - Is it easy to carry with you?

  • 3 points out of 3.

Easy of Use - Is it easy to use?

  • 3 point out of 3.

Image quality - How great are the images?

  • 1 points out of 3.

The Best Cameras for Tinder Ranked

After rating the portability, ease of use, and image quality of all 5 cameras…

We can finally ranked them from best to worst.

Keep in mind, though, that each camera solves a specific purpose.

So just because it got the most # of points…

It doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the camera that will most help your profile.

For example, if you’re missing a good profile photo.

Then the Canon 80D might be the right choice.

Even though it’s lower on the list.

The Results

Here are the best cameras for online dating, ranked #1 through #5.

  1. The GoPro Hero 7

  2. The iPhone

  3. The Fuji XH-1

  4. The Canon 80D

  5. The Mavic Air

The #1 Camera for Tinder is the GoPro Hero 7

This might be a surprising result.

But it actually makes a lot of sense.

The point of the GoPro is to capture a fun, exciting lifestyle.

And the best Tinder profile projects a fun, exciting lifestyle.

While the GoPro totally fails in taking the most important photo — your profile photo.

It blows the rest of the cameras out of the water (literally) with it’s travel potential.

The key is you need to actually be doing interesting stuff.

Traveling. Exploring. Adventuring.

Even if you have a 9 to 5 job, you can still do one adventure a month and capture it.

The Mavic Air can do all those too, and maybe even better.

But unlike the GoPro, it’s not easily portable.

Not to mention very delicate.

Was There a Camera I missed?

While these are my favorite cameras for Tinder…

I’m curious what I missed.

If there’s a camera you think I should add to this list, post in the comments.

Be sure to explain why.

I will update this article later this year with new additions.

As well as update it for 2020 when it comes around.

So let me know.

I read and reply to every comment on the entire Zirby blog.

Marc Falzon

Marc Falzon

Marc is the founder of Zirby, the world’s most read Tinder & Online Dating resource, with over 4 million readers a year. You can reach out to Marc via email here, or follow him on Instagram.

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