The Best and Worst Tinder Bios (Case Study)

If you’re looking to make a great Tinder bio, start here.

We’ll show you real examples of the best, and the worst, Tinder bios.

You’ll know what to avoid, and more importantly, what to emulate.

The Best and Worst Tinder Bios (Case Study) with real examples.

What's in a Bio?

While your Tinder bio isn’t the most important aspect of your profile, our favorite 2016 study, published in Advances in Social Networks Analysis and Mining shows that it’s worth paying attention to.

In fact, men receive over 4x as many matches from women when they provide a bio versus when they leave their bio blank.

Besides just the obvious, a good profile has other benefits…

  • It gives her more information on you — being a real person.

  • On the date you’ll have more to talk about, as she’ll know more about you.

  • Ideally, she’ll message you first.

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Get Her to Message You First

How do you know if you’ve got a great Tinder bio?

Women will message you first.

That happens because you’ve managed to get them curious - and excited enough - that they just need to reach out.

If you’re wondering if that’s really possible… yes.

And it’s more common than you think.

In the below example, you’ll see an excerpt from my OkCupid profile.

Zoe liked my directness and sense of humor enough that she messaged me first about it.

An OkCupid Bio so good that Women Message First

The Secret to Getting Her to Message You First

As mentioned, the best bios get women to message you first.

The real secret here is not to use copy pasted lines.

Because the reality is - she’s seen it before.

And if she’s seen it, she’s not going to message you.

And probably not even respond to your opening message.

Your bio also provides a crucial first taste of your personality and a jumping off point for potential conversation.

So you want it to be tailored to you.

After reading, you’ll know how to put together a strong bio that’ll result in more matches, more messages, and more Tinder dates or hookups.

Our Complete Tinder Bio Infographic

If you want to find out the 3 secret ingredients for a winning Tinder bio, you're going to love this infographic.

After you check it out, we'll dive in with more real examples.

Tinder Bio Infographic

The Best Tinder Bios are Concise.

Your Tinder bio is no place to tell your life’s story, and no one’s going to read your novel before deciding to like or message you.

Every girl on Tinder has a ton of options, so the ideal Tinder bio is at most 3 or 4 sentences.

This is enough to give her a taste of who you are without boring her to death.

With that said, this doesn’t hold true with every dating app.

OkCupid, for example, you’ll want a longer bio.

But here’s two examples of a Tinder bio, one a success and the other a failure.


The Best Bio

Short Tinder Bio

The Worst Bio

Long Tinder Bio

You can see exactly what I mean in these two bios.

The Tinder bio on the right is boring just to look at, while the bio on the left is light and fun.

And… as you’d expect the short bio will get more results.

Say more, with less.

He’s also doing a decent job of showing his sense of humor, which follows our next piece of advice:

Show, Don't Tell.

Almost every Tinder bio I’ve ever seen could benefit from this one simple creative writing axiom: show, don’t tell.

Meaning: rather than telling someone what your interests are, you should use your bio to show who you are.

This is a classic mistake people make when constructing their Tinder profile, which we’ve spoken about here.

Still don’t get it? Here…

Let’s say that you’re really into Chinese tea and dad humor.

Rather than saying “I’m really into Chinese tea and dad humor,” (which is telling), you can show this by saying something like, “If you’re into Chinese Tea, we might really get oolong.”

You’re showing it, not literally telling it.

Too cheesy?

Let’s say you’re a world traveler.

Don’t tell her, “I love to travel.”

Instead, show her, by saying something like “I’m equally comfortable with a PBR at a dive or snake wine in Hanoi.”

Here’s the reason why this is important: imagine meeting a person and right off they bat they tell you how smart they are.

They might actually be smart, but probably not.

After all, they wouldn’t need to tell you that, you’d learn it by listening to them saying smart things.

Here are a couple real bios that mention travel.



Another Bad Tinder Bio


A Better Tinder Bio Example

When you see showing, not telling in a real profile you can see why it’s important.

Without it, your profile is boring at best.

Self centered at worst.

Somewhere in the overly long bio on the left he tells us, “I’ve been around the world and back, ask me about it.”

But really, who is going to ask him about it?

Not an attractive girl.

Meanwhile the right bio shows this by saying “coolest thing I have ever done: meditate with monks in the mountains of Chiang Mai.”

That left bio also blandly tells us that he “lives for live music.”

How boring is that?

What if he tried, “my ears are perpetually ringing from last night’s show,” instead.

Here’s another example:

Tinder Bio Example

By saying, “broken my nose, twice, in the pit,” this bio shows us not only that he likes live music, but that he specifically likes heavy music.

And even further that he’s not afraid to get down and dirty in a mosh pit.

When you show, instead of telling, you can communicate much more information in a much more succinct way.

This bio also demonstrates the value of following our last piece of advice….

Which we’ll get to after the resource below.

I really want to stress how absolutely important showing, not telling is.

If you can master this, you will get women messaging you first on Tinder.

Especially if paired with great Tinder photos.

And having a great Elo score that comes from using the right swiping profile.

All of this is why we created Tinder 10X, our full Tinder Profile making course.

You can learn more details below.

Take Risks with Your Bio.

If you just follow the advice above, you’ll already be doing a better job than most men, but if you really want to stand out, take a risk in your bio.

The guy above takes a risk by jokingly calling himself “a Grammy award winning Karaoke artist,” as well as by making a specific reference to mosh pits.

Funny risks in your Tinder bio

This bio takes a huge risk by being incredibly sarcastic throughout….

  • Describing working out as “picking up heavy things and putting them down repeatedly.”

  • Boxing as “getting punched in the face competitively.”

  • And claiming that he’s 4’7” and has had 13 divorces and 94 kids.

When you take a risk, some girls won’t get the joke or the reference.

But the return is worth it.

Your bio will stand out amidst everyone else’s horribly monotonous bios.

… And when girls do get what you’re doing, they’ll be way more engaged with you right off the bat.

Putting it all Together.

At this point, we have 3 elements of an effective online dating bio.

  1. Being concise.

  2. Showing, not telling.

  3. Taking risks.

But, just like a song, all the instruments need to work together.

Not just sound good independently from each-other.

The most successful bios will work cohesively together.

This isn’t just a vague statement, either…

If you come off as sarcastic, dark, and masculine in your bio but you come off as a “nice guy” in your photos — then you have a problem.

Alternatively, if your profile seems to hint for relationships, but your photos are more “one night stand” vibe-y, than you’re still in trouble.

You need to make sure that all the elements of your profile work together.

How to Build Your Tinder Bio.

Now it’s your turn, here’s a challenge to get you started:

I want you to choose 3 activities or hobbies that you would list on your bio (like... cooking, adventure, star-gazing.)

Then, construct 3 versions of showing, not telling using everything you learned here.

You’re welcome to come post your assignment in our private Facebook group.

Most importantly, after you take a crack at that, you can look in to our full Tinder profile making course.

It’ll give you more tips and hints with writing your Tinder bio.

As well as cover your other photos, strategy, and most importantly: how to put everything together in a cohesive way.

You can learn more about Tinder 10X here.

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