The 5 Best Tinder Openers... that failed (+with Screenshots)

Normally on the blog, I show you effective Tinder lines, successful text conversations, and other Tinder/Texting tips and guides.

Today, I want to do so something very different by showing you 5 Perfect Tinder Opening lines that... completely bombed.

Or so it seems.

The purpose here is to that sometimes your first lines are perfect but still might not get a response. Even so, they are successful because they weed out people who wont click with anyway.

The 5 Best Tinder Openers... that failed (+with Screenshots)

This post was pretty fun (which is necessary to succeed on Tinder) to make because I'm going to show you the real conversation and explain what I think happened.

Keep in mind, you should never focus too much on why she didn't respond but focus on what you think you could improve on in your messages.

Remember. Sometimes it's not about you doing anything wrong.

She might just have got distracted, decided to take back her ex, or saw that she wasn't attractive after looking at your photos a second time.

Tinder Opener #1 - The Cross Dresser

The Strategy: I matched with this cute bikini beach going girl. She actually messaged me first which shows a great deal of interest - which tends to happen when you have a solid Tinder profile.

When I was looking through her photos I noticed that she had a halloween "Harley Quinn" shot. Knowing that being self effacing, and wanting to show my sense of humor, I sent the below.

Example of a Great Tinder Opener When a Girl Messages You First

The Result: She might have liked me at first, but not so much after my opening message. To be fair she just may have been distracted but either way, there was no response. What I like about my line is it references both of us together, and it's self-effacing.

Tinder Opener #2 - Take your Vitamins

The Strategy: Often times you'll come across women on their profile that has a very obvious lead-in. Maybe her bio says "ask me about my cat," maybe her profile photo is her sitting on a fake cactus, or maybe her name is "Vitamin."

Whatever the deal is if there's something that jumps out (and is very obvious) just keep it simple and reference that thing in your opening message.

You might be worried that every guy that matches with her references the thing you noticed - and sure, some do - but most say "what's up", "how's it going" or "hey." So you've got little to worry about.

In this case, I matched with a girl abroad who's english name was Vitamin. Why not just use that as an easy opener? It shows my humor and is still personalized to her (which is a good thing.)

A funny opening message on Tinder.

A funny opening message on Tinder.


The Result: Either she didn't get it, or she's just a serious type of girl who doesn't want to her lines about her name. All the better for me.

No wasted time with someone who doesn't 'get it.'

Tinder Opener #3 - THEM BEANS

The Strategy: I matched with a cute girl on Tinder and flipped through her photos to get an idea of what message I should send. Her last image was a meme of Bush's beans.

If you don't know about it, google "thinking about them beans." Because I find that meme funny, why not message her about it? So I did.

Thinking about those beans meme on Tinder.

The Results: I might have been thinkin' 'bout them beans, but she wasn't.

It makes you wonder why someone would put something in their profile photos that they wouldn't want you to message them about.

But that's just it - you can't read in to these kinds of things too deeply. Not that your message was concise, snappy and personal. If so, that's what counts.

Tinder Opener #4 - Find a Nice Jewish Boy

The Strategy: Here's one of my favorites in this entire article. I matched with a girl who's profile said: "I'm a nice Jewish girl looking for a shy Jewish boy."

Being that we're both Jewish, why not make a lightly offensive joke? Okay, fine, not so light. it's To be fair, she actually enjoyed it and responded. But...

An offensive joke on Tinder doesn't work

The Result: Turns out offensive jokes are OK, but jokes about circumcision aren't. Fair enough.

She has her limits on humor, and I have mine. Imagine how awkward it would be if we met up for a date and she got offended by my humor?

Maybe this is an example of rose-colored glasses, but probably not. You need to screen early in your conversation to avoid pain later.

Remember that part of texting women is taking risks, as we've discussed before.

Tinder Opener #5 - Getting Plugged

The Strategy: Did I say Tinder Opener #4 was my favorite? Actually, it's got to be this one.

Some quick backstory: one of her images was her wearing Vagina earrings. Yes, it's exactly what you think it was. With that in mind, here was my perfect opener.

Emphasis on perfect.

The best Tinder Opener I have ever seen.

The Results: See? Perfect. Maybe she didn't get it or was just offended. Either way, her loss.

You're not going to get as many Tinder lines that are as funny and topical than that. In fact, I printed this and posted it on my Mom's fridge.

Okay, I didn't, but this post serves as a gold star.

Moving past the humor, one thing I want to point out is you do need to be careful with your messages. You want to get your humor across, but you don't want to make someone deliberately uncomfortable. 

Don't Be Too Sexual in Your Opening Message.

When you make jokes about dicks and vaginas in your first message - it can be awkward. If you're unsure, just imagine if you were face to face with a total stranger. Would you say what you're about to say without worrying about getting Louis CK'd?

In this case, the answer was obvious: she has vagina's on her ears. If she can't handle a response - that's her problem: not my bad line.

Now that you've seen some of my own opening messages, come share some of your own on our 100% private Facebook Group. See you inside.