3 Major Tinder Profile Mistakes You're Making (+Real Examples)

You might be struggling to choose the right photos, write a bio that gets her so excited that she messages you first, or picking the best photos for your 2,3,4,5,6 Tinder photo slot. To make matters worse, there are 3 MAJOR Tinder Profile mistakes that you must avoid if you want to convert those swipes into dates. 

3 Major Tinder Profile Mistakes You're Making

3 Major Tinder Profile Mistakes You're Making


Tinder Profile Mistake #1 - Using 3rd Party Photo Ratings

If you're not getting enough matches, the problem is most likely your Tinder profile picture. If only there was a way to have strangers rate two of your pictures side by side so you know what works. Turns out, this does exist, but, is it actually helpful?

Tinder Profile Photos Compared

The answer: no. Apparently denying all logic, the reason is actually very simple: the people who are rating your pictures are not the demographic of people who are actually swiping on you. 

And despite the marketing efforts of these photo rating services, the proof is in the pudding.

Why Photo Rating Apps Don't Work.

Having strangers (usually mostly men!) who aren't interested in dating you, either way, tell you which one of your photos they like just doesn't work.

They are going to pick the photo that is the most disarming, inoffensive, or bland. But this isn't what you want girls to swipe right on you on Tinder. You want her to be excited, intrigued and turned on.

Here's a personal example: below I have two photos of me.

The man bun photo (1) always tanks on 3rd party voting apps - and I get ribbed about that photo on my Facebook.


Because people love to hate on man-buns, so this "nice" photo of me (2) always gets chosen. But on Tinder?

The Man-bun is one of the most effective photos of myself I've ever used and the second photo barely gets matches.

Examples of Good and Bad Tinder Profile Photos

Don't trust those rating apps. It's like asking a Vegan which burger they like more. Stick within your demographic. 

Be sure to check out our guide to choosing the right Tinder profile photo which will give you tools to start with. From there, you test the photos it on Tinder.

Tinder Profile Mistake #2 - Boring Tinder Bios

Take a look at this Tinder bio from one of the guys in our private Own Your Online Dating Facebook group. Think in your mind three words that represent him. Ready?

A Boring and Arrogant Tinder Bio

What'd you come up with? Here are my three words: insecure, arrogant, unfunny.

The crazy part is that this guy is anything but those three things. But his Tinder bio paints him like that. How many women who read that bio do you think will want to meet up with him?

This is an extreme example. He was trying to be sarcastic and have fun but fell on his face. But aside from that, does his bio actually add anything that tells her his ambitions, passions, or interests? Does it excite her, and get her interested in meeting up?

This is such a common Tinder mistake with bios. Your bio has a purpose: giving her a sneak peek into who you are. You need to take advantage of that, not just write a few jokes... successful or not.

Tinder Profile Mistake #3 - Not Diversifying Your Pictures

If you didn't know already: every one of your Tinder photos has a specific mission that it should fulfill. Photo 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 should all be different and used in a strategic way to show a wide breadth and highlight the best aspects of yourself.

Let's take a look at a Tinder profile of someone who doesn't do this at all, and the consequences he sows for himself.

tinder photo examples.jpg

This looks like a friendly guy who... has a few friends (or co-workers?) and canoes sometimes.

That's pretty much the only information we're getting about him. The reason? He's not showing us more!

Instead of highlighting all the best, and varied, aspects of himself he's instead opted to have three Tinder photos of himself that are basically the exact same: headshot selfies. 

Now, we could get into an entire blog post about just how and why selfies are so bad for your Tinder profile, but we'll have to hold off on that for awhile. (edit: which we've since done here.)

For now, it's important to understand that on Tinder, every picture should have its place.

Avoid duplicating the same type of photos. You want to widen your potential audience of women who would have swiped left on you... until she saw awesome photo of you cooking which she connected with.

You never know what type of image will get a woman excited. 

That's why you want to have lots of varied photos. It's like casting more fishing poles with different bait on each.

What actually WORKS for your Tinder Profile?

In this article, we've covered 3 major, and common, tinder profile mistakes you might be making. But all this begs the question:

  • What DOES work for your Tinder profile picture? How do you KNOW what will work without wasting swipes?
  • How can you write a bio that adds to your profile, instead of detracting or just staying neutral?
  • Is there a step by step guide you should follow for your 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th Tinder photo?

Most importantly, is there a way to build a Tinder profile that works for you, and gets feedback from other guys who are doing the same? 

That's why we've created Tinder 10X.

Tinder 10X is our full-length course that brings you through exactly how to be a Tinder profile that gets matches and dates.  

You'll have a rare resource that none of the competition on Tinder does, so you can rise above the dreary statistics other guys have to deal with. You might have heard that the bottom 80% of men compete for the bottom 22% of women. 

It's a great resource for updating your Tinder Profile, Tinder Photos, and Tinder bio. 

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