The Best 11 Tinder Hacks [That Work Great in 2019]

The Best 11 Tinder Hacks | Zirby

Use Tinder To Get a Threesome

Online Dating is a great way to set up threesomes.

Whether you have a friends with benefit, or a girlfriend or a wife.

Using Tinder, or other apps, can turn a standard Friday night in to a night you’ll never forget.

In the below video, I show you how I set up a threesome.

You can replicate my strategy easily.

It’s as simple as making her feel comfortable, and not attempting to trick her.

What I love about this breakdown is you can see how simple it is.

While I used Tan Tan for this (the Chinese version of Tinder), the truth is any dating app will work.

Make sure not to pressure her, but move through the conversation briskly.

How to be Witty on Tinder Hack

Being witty on Tinder is going to get you more dates.

It’s as simple as that.

What’s not so simple is having a strategy in place to be consistently witty with all of your matches.

To combat this, I created a guide that will show you 3 easy tips to being witty.

This doesn’t just apply to dating apps. It also applies to text messaging.

From Tinder to Text Cheatcode

I call this the “Tinder to Text Cheatcode” for a reason.

Here’s why:

Have you ever been in a situation where everything is going great on Tinder.

Then you get her number.

And when you text her, things fall apart?

It’s like you’re talking to someone new.

Or she suddenly isn’t interested in talking after you move to text.

What happened?

You forgot to bridge the conversation.

Whenever you move from one medium to another, it helps to have a bridge.

A bridge is a topic of conversation that connects that last conversation to the next.

This Tinder hack is about just that.

Check out this real Tinder screenshot and see if you can spot the bridge.

ConvoCompleted copy 2.png

In case you missed it, the bridge was mention I do art, and telling her I want to show her some of my photographs.

When I texted her, I sent her some of my images.

This made the flow of conversation from Tinder on to Text seamless.

And eradicated that awkward lag between the two.

The Secret Method for being Interesting on Tinder or Text

We already covered the hack for being Witty.

But let’s dive deeper.

How many times have you found yourself sending BORING messages over Text, Tinder, OkCupid, Bumble, Coffee Meets Bagel, or any other online dating apps?

How to be Interesting is such a challenge when text is inherently so impersonal.

But don’t worry.

This video case study will show you the real methods I use to keep my conversations on Tinder (or text) interesting and engaging.

3 More Ways to Keep Your Conversation Fun

Here’s a great Tinder Hack. Or really, a 3 in 1.

I’m going to break down another 3 real examples on how to make your conversations fun.

This is an incredibly important skill that does more than just gets you more numbers.

It also increases the chance of getting a date.

And making the first date less awkward.

Because she already has a good sense of your humor and personality.

Once again, these tips come from a real convo I actually had.

Avoid These DEADLY Beginner Mistakes

This is less of a cheat and more just Tinder advice.

That said, none of these tips help much if you make any of these deadly beginner mistakes.

Watch the below case study, and be honest with yourself. How many of these mistakes are you making?

By getting that number close to 0, you’re dramatically increasing your odds with dating apps.

The reality is, online dating is a numbers game.

So while you technically can do the wrong thing and still win… (assuming you get through a vast number of failed attempts)

Why not just make your life easy by figuring exactly what works, and implementing it from the start?

Why You'll Never Get Friend Zoned Again

You meet a cute girl, get her phone number, then try to arrange your first date with her.

Then... the unthinkable happens: you get friend zoned.

It turns out that by playing the conversation safe…

And by taking too long to ask her out…

You’ve ended up ruining your chances to have a hookup.

These mistakes can easily be avoided.

Just follow the example and the techniques mentioned in the below case study (from a real Tinder conversation.)

How to Deal with Difficult or Stubborn Girls on Tinder

How many times have you been texting a girl and you get a short one word response?

Or on Tinder she gives boring answers.

Or... I think you get the idea.

Whatever the problem is, is there a way to stop it?

I spoke with a friend Mars Blacc of Wingman Locator on how to deal with stubborn women.

And recorded a short podcast about it.

You'll learn...

  • How to set boundaries that show women you’re above games.

  • Stopping bad behavior at it's source and stopping it from occurring again.

  • Avoiding supplication and getting stuck in "loops" where you're always trying to please her.

  • And more.

This is a Tinder Hack goldmine.

Listen here:

Hack Your Way to Amazing Tinder Photos

Hands down this is one of the biggest roadblocks to getting laid on Tinder.

You have to have amazing pictures.

How do you do it?

  • Should you hire a photographer?

  • Buy a new camera?

  • Pray that you’ve got a good one hidden deep in your Facebook albums?

No, no and no.

Instead, there’s a better way to get photos that will blow away your competition.

Which is just so important because the statistics on Tinder are against you.

I spoke with David Bond about this incredible hack…

Find out what it is here:

The Us Mentality Technique

Coined by the exceedingly talented Simple Pickup, the “US Mentality” is a technique that will change your Tinder experience 180 degrees after you implement it.

Put simply, the “Us Mentality” is tailoring your messages not to be about her, or about you, but about both of you together.

For example…

You wouldn’t say, “I’m guessing you love cooking.” Because that’s just about her.

You also wouldn’t say, “My biggest passion is cooking.” Because that’s just about you.

Instead you’d want to say something that puts both of you together in her mind.

Something like, “I hope you like Chopped, because I’m going to dig in to your basket in under 20 minutes.”

See? This was about both of us together.

I also made it way more fun by making it flirtatious. It’s proof that Tinder conversations can be fun.

And, by the way, this wasn’t just a random example.

This is from a recent successful conversation.

Example of a Funny Tinder Conversation | Zirby

But here’s the best part about this Tinder hack.

It’s not just one example.

Because is an entire case study breakdown showing the “Us Mentality” in action.

After you watch it you’ll master this powerful technique.

And watch how fast girls connect with you.

Taking Calculated Risks... That Pay Off

If you want to get ahead in Tinder, you need to take risks.

Which is exactly what every bone in your body tells you not to do.

When I was first starting on Tinder - and getting basically NO matches - when I did get one is was a big deal.

There was no way I was going to let this slip by.

  • I made sure when I messaged her to read what she wrote closely, so I could thoughtful answer back.

  • I avoided talking about topics I thought she would like. No religion, sex, or politics.

  • Most importantly, I made sure not to say any jokes that would be too offensive.

All of this felt like the right thing to do.

What I didn’t realize is that I was killing my chances before I even started.

By playing safe I was talking to her like visiting relatives.

Think about it.

When your extended family comes over it’s painful because everything is so surface level.

And for family this isn’t a bad thing.

It prevents strong emotions or anger to bubble up from risky conversation.

These awkward family interactions can have literal decades of consequences.

So playing it safe there works.

When you talk to your friends you say what’s on your mind.

You “take risks” because you don’t really care if your friends agree with everything you talk about.

And the result is the conversation is actually fun.

When you get less matches, it’s harder to take risks.

I totally get it.

And if you’re not getting a lot of matches, you need to fix your Tinder profile (this links to our Tinder profile making course, which you will find helpful.)

But you’ve got to interact with women like they are your friends, and take risks in your conversation.

Who cares if every girl isn’t going to like you.

They definitely wont if you come across as dull.

Take a look at this example, where I take risks in my conversation.

And how find it is for her, and for me.


Bonus Hack - Make Her Chase You

Take the pressure off and make it fun.

By not being desperate and letting her chase you, you can get her excited enough to ask YOU out.

In this example you can see how I accomplish this by making her chase me.

ConvoCompleted copy.png

Why these Hacks Work

Why these Tinder Hacks work.

This all comes down to everything else we’ve covered in these 11 Tinder hacks.

The reason these hacks work is because you’re showing her that by hanging out with you, she’s going to have fun.

And now you have the toolset to accomplish it.

Most importantly, I want to know what Tinder hacks you use.

Leave a comment below and tell me.

If it’s good I’ll implement it in to this article.

Keep in mind that I personally read and respond to every comment on the entire Zirby blog.

Pretty much the same day.

So, let’s chat man.

Talk soon.

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