From Absolute Zero to Tinder Hero.

After years of battling depression, failure, and social anxiety I finally cracked the code to meet attractive women on Tinder, consistently.


Today Zirby has over 2 million yearly reader who utilize my Online Dating strategies to meet hookups or girlfriends.

But it wasn’t always like this.

Only a few years ago my depression was so severe I lost my dream job.

My self consciousness about my height and weight caused me to self isolate.

I hated who I was. I was miserable.

The only women I could get to meet me on OkCupid was a girl who cat-fished me. She turned out to be over 350LBS.

Yes. Seriously.

Marc Falzon Tinder Profile

My First Match… “Cake4Breakfast”


After growing up overweight and in an unstable family I finally got to college.

OkCupid was the most popular dating site and I decided to give it a try.

I picked a few selfies of myself, lied about my height, and wrote a detailed bio.

Soon I’d be getting a tidal wave of matches with hot women!

Only… that never happened.

When I got my first match it was with a girl with the username “Cake4breakfast.”

It doesn’t take a stretch of imagination to guess what she looked like…


Looks on Tinder

The Problem Must be my Looks.

The only matches I would get with Online dating were women I wasn’t attracted to or bots.

I remember hiking up the Sandia Mountains with my friend Dylan.

Where he took this photo of me.

The pain I felt is so evident in my eyes.

  • At the time I was working at an exciting start up.

  • I traveled frequently.

  • And I pursued interesting hobbies.

I thought I had so much to offer.

In my Online Dating profiles I listed everything out.

I followed the online blogs for advice on what photos to choose.

And yet women were simply not interested in me.

So I came to an obvious conclusion.

The problem must be my looks.

I Understand What You’re Going Through.

In my day to day life I’ll tell people about my website, Zirby.

And when I do some of them laugh and wave their hand.

“So you give guys tricks to find a hookup on Tinder,” says John Doe.

To be honest I don’t try to correct him.

But he is dead wrong.

See, John Doe just don’t get it.

He’s privileged and never had to struggle like I did.

  • Growing up he had a stable family.

  • He never had crippling self doubt or self consciousness.

  • He never hated what they looked like, or struggled with obesity.

  • Had women in his life, at every step of the way.

  • Actually enjoy going to loud nightclubs and bars.

And to top it off John Doe is tall, dark and handsome.

What Tinder is Really About

But here’s what “John Doe” doesn’t understand.

Getting exceptional results on Tinder isn’t about having more sex.

  • It’s about overcoming all of the doubts and anxieties you’ve had.

  • It’s about learning how to project your true personality so you don’t feel like you’re hiding behind a shell.

  • It’s about feeling open and free, accepted by the kind of people you want to surround yourself.

  • It’s about meeting people in a way that feels natural.

  • It’s about being an introvert but still “getting out there.”

I understand what you’re feeling.

Because it’s what I’ve felt for most of my life.

All of the techniques, tools, and templates I’ll give you to get more matches and dates…

Is about more than meeting women.

It’s about putting together your life in a way that attracts women to you.

  • It doesn’t matter that you haven’t had success with Online Dating before.

  • It doesn’t matter that you don’t have the genetics you wish you had.

  • It doesn’t matter what your background is.

  • And it doesn’t even matter that you don’t know how to take the first step.

I will be here with you step by step.

Online Dating is a world of opportunity for you.

It broke me from my depression and gave me happiness.

And sure, “John Doe” might not get it.

And I could care less.

Amazing Tinder Messages

I stopped caring about trying to be the guy I thought women wanted me to be.

And started having fun on Tinder sending risky and intriguing messages.

It turns out that being self amusing on Online Dating has two huge benefits.

First it means that Online Dating isn’t something you avoid.

It’s not something that gives you a headache.

It becomes something you look forward to.

And secondly, it happens to attract women.

Just like this example.

Where I message a girl about her “mustache” that she drew on one of her images.

I learned how to automate my Dating Life.

With flow charts, virtual assistances, and even Facebook Ads.

AKA, I made Online Dating my b&@%!.

Not the other-way around.

There’s nothing worse than spending hours sending messages that get no responses.

Dealing with lukewarm women who don’t “get” your humor.

Or treading through long boring conversations on Tinder.

I developed cheat codes to have my cake and eat it too.

(So long as it’s not cake for breakfast.)

Messaging Girls on Tinder

Opening Messages (that actually Work.)

Send Opening Messages that get more than a response… they get her interested in you.

My opening messages get responses.


Because I split test them.

Over and over and over and over.

(And over)

I do all the work, and you get to use the lines.

Sucks for me, right?

Nah, sharing is caring.

Enjoy your date tonight, man!

Resource: Check out 25 Tinder Openers that Work here.

In just 1 Night Women Began to Message ME First

Is it possible to have an Online Dating profile so good that women message you first?

Even if you had no prior success like me?

In just one night, I got my answer.

Women Messaging First on Online Dating

By fixing my old OkCupid profile I went from never getting a response back…

To getting women to message me first!

By the end of the first week I implemented these changes I had received one or more messages a day.

From women who were so interested in me they couldn’t help but reach out!

It was about my Bio, not my Photos.

Here’s the crazy thing…

For this experiment I didn’t touch my photos.

Only my Bio.

Here are some of the messages that women sent to me complimenting my on my amazing bio.

I started testing these concepts on other dating apps:

Tinder, Bumble, and even 3some dating apps…

And everything worked way, WAY better than I expected.

But what’s the fun in keeping all these effective strategies to myself?

100% of what I teach is available for free on my blog.

I do sell digital courses, like Tinder 10X that puts all the information together in a concise - and guided - way.

But all the information you can find here on Zirby without paying.

I want to make sure that my information is available to everyone.

Resource: Read my Tinder Profile Guide here or my Tinder Bio Writing Guide here.

Let’s Get You More Matches

Just use my tested and data-drive Tinder techniques.

I’m excited to get to know you.

Even though Zirby has over 250,000 readers a month…

I still get to know you guys on a face to face basis.

All through the private Zirby Facebook group, Own Your Online Dating.

Be sure to come join our group!

You can post your profile and Tinder convos for feedback and advice.

Plus, we can actually meet and that’s great.

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I teach guys of any and all backgrounds, looks, and experience levels how to consistently meet and date women from Online Dating. Women you thought were “out of your league” or “impossible” to connect with. The best part? It’s easy. Just steal the actual strategies I use, or email me directly. - Marc.