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Hey, I’m Marc.

I teach guys who aren’t 6’2 models how to build an awesome Tinder profile, send witty opening messages, and make text conversation effortless.

You don’t have to feel frustrated on Tinder anymore.

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Women Swipe Right on Only 12% of men on Tinder.

Even worse? The bottom 80% of men are fighting over the bottom 22% of women. Here’s the good news, for those who are in the top 12% Tinder becomes a man’s best friend (sorry Fido.) Below are my three favorite free resources to get you to the top of the pack. If I did it (overweight 5’6 guy with no game) you can too.

Step 1

Tinder Guide

Build an irresistible Tinder Profile.

Step 2

Opening Message on Tinder

Send an A+ Opening Line.

Step 3

Keep Conversation Interesting Online Dating

Keep the Conversation Interesting.


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Like Simple Pickup, for Online Dating

As an ex-Simple Pickup (2.7 million subs) employee, you know my YouTube Channel is going to be good. Watch my latest (and greatest) YouTube videos to get Online Dating strategies in suppository video form.

Sending Actual Tinder Openers that Work (In Real Time)

In my newest video, watch as I send real Tinder Openers.

No scripts, and no planning.

You’ll see how I come up with opening messages in the moment.

Watch the full video here.


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Crush on Tinder with these 3 Master-Level Strategy Videos

Be like Shrek: burst in to her Tinder tower and steal the princesses heart… even if you’re an Ogre like me. Here are 3 of my favorite YouTube videos you can watch from the comfort of your own swamp.

Instagram Tinder Hack

Supercharge your Tinder results… with Instagram?

Here’s the strategy I use to get 2.3X more Tinder dates using my IG.

Tinder While Traveling

Going on vacation? Here’s the simple method I use to set up dates for my entire holiday.

(Before I even leave home.)

Struggling with Texting Women?

Frankly, you’re not alone. Turn your text game in to EZ-Mode.

Here’s the system I use to keep women interested over text.

Marc Falzon Zirby Founder

Hey, I’m Marc.

I teach guys of any and all backgrounds, looks, and experience levels how to consistently meet and date women from Online Dating. Women you thought were “out of your league” or “impossible” to connect with. The best part? It’s easy. Just steal the actual strategies I use, or email me directly. - Marc.

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